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What is College Like?

Asked by Akame009 (228points) December 2nd, 2018

So, I am currently a senior in high school.I have applied to OSU and got accepted. However, as excited as I am, I am also nervous. I have never been away from home without family. So, what is college like? Should I be as nervous, and a little scared, as I am? Or should I just not worry about it?

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It’s fun. It’s just like high school except they don’t have to put up with crap like they do in high school. If you don’t show up to class, they don’t care. They’ll just flunk you and move on. If a student back-talks, acts up, whatever, thinking they’re being cool, like some do in high school they’ll just throw them out and never give them a second thought.
In that respect it’s much more serious than high school.

The freedom you’ll have is a little exhilarating, but please be as responsible with it as you can. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do….no. Wait. Don’t do that either!

It’s fun.

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Depends a lot on your choices. I partied too much at first and it was tough. I’d say stay focused on the education and you’ll be fine. Big classes mean you have to ask for help. A lecture could be hundreds of students, that was scary to me.

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Trust in the level of maturity you have attained so far. If you basically know right from wrong and never forget why you’re there in the first place ( learn and get a degree ) you’ll be fine.

The trick is balancing things. Between getting passing or spectacularly good grades and enjoying all that newly found freedom and independence.

You will discover who you are. Ain’t that fun?

College is like getting a driver’s license. In the following months you’ll know more or less if you’re a bad or a good driver.

I had anxieties too just before starting college. I dealt away with them by focusing on the fact my parents worked hard to send me there. And developing new friendships. It was so much fun! ( drinking, chasing girls, going to concerts, study groups )

You’ll never be that young and carefree again so please…enjoy!

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For me the first semester of the first year was a repeat of junior high material then second year It jumps too quickly to advanced levels.

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Lots of fun for most people.

What are you worried about specifically besides the unknown?

Assuming you are talking about Ohio State, your campus is big. Study the map so you feel comfortable walking to your classes or taking the bus. Maybe visit again over the summer once you know your dorm and then you won’t have to worry about that.

If you have any flexibility, consider making your first term a little lighter or at least one “fun” class as you adjust to school.

Get familiar with terms. I remember I hadn’t heard the word “syllabus” until I went to college. You’ll be given the information for the text books you need to buy before class. Try to get that all done well ahead so it’s another thing you won’t have to worry about.

Live in the dorm.

If your parents didn’t go to college you are at a slight disadvantage, because they don’t know what to expect either. You can ask questions here without worrying about feeling embarrassed.

If you like football at all buy season tickets! Big Ten stadiums are fun. If you and your roommate seem to have a connection, or someone else you become fast friends with, buy tickets together.

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If you like school and studying, it will be great. If you like to party and skip classes you will be free to waste your opportunity to prepare for your future. You are in charge, and free to assure a great future or not. It’s entirely in your hands now.

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Thank you guys so much. This is really helping!

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