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What is the justification for Ivanka and her husband to show up at the G20 summit?

Asked by chyna (42544points) 2 months ago from iPhone

Is this just free vacations for them, a chance for her to dress up? She truly has no official reason to show up at these events, so why is she there?

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They are so confused about protocol that they don’t even know which way their shadows are supposed to run.

All their vacations are free and from what I’ve heard, there has never been a time when she isn’t dressed up. Before trump became president I read an article that said she picked Baron up from school her self, like any regular mom—a regular mom wearing $10,000 high heels and full make up and not a hair out of place.

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Frequent flier miles :-)

No reason at all.

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Don’t worry Trump will put some kind of spin on it , to point out why they are there.

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^^^ To sell Ivanka.
I mean, her purses.

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It’s an attempt to fulfill a few of the decidedly superficial necessities accompanying the Presidencey

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