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The caper: useless little ball of brine or tiny charming flavor bomb?

Asked by canidmajor (16092points) December 10th, 2018

Do you like them? Hate them? Ever use them or even notice them?

Just curious…

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Boy, do I have a head cold! It took me a while to figure out what kind of caper you were on! I had one recipe for a cold roast beef that had a caper mustard sauce; I thought the capers added some color and flavor. Still probably have some in a jar from 20 years ago.

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I like them with meatballs and caper sauce.
Not eaten them in any other dish.

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I’ve never had one, so it’s a useless ball with a cool name.

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Like them. Just little tiny olive-tasting balls. What’s not to like? Especially in salads or on pizza’s.

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I like them. In fact, I had some last night with potato pancakes with sour cream, and apple sauce, and a slice of nova lox. Heavenly.

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They’re one of those little touches that add interest and variety to life. Were they to vanish from my existence, It would make little difference.

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They go well with tuna salad.
They don’t go well with tuna salad.
Said Mrs. and Mr. rebbel

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I enjoy them when they come with something that I’ve ordered in a restaurant.

But I’ve never actually put them into anything I’ve cooked myself.

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Chicken piccata!

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@stanleybmanly beat me to it! I have made chicken, turkey, and veal piccata with capers, they make for an interesting complexity over the lemons.

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Capering about with useless balls of brine/ tiny flavour bombs resplendent: how berry capricious.

Endemic to the Mediterranean basin their medicinal uses extend to the aphrodisiacal which might make your hair curl.

On a sour note it’s Na to the sodium content.

On a cracker with cream cheese, dill and smoked salmon?

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Tiny charming flavor bomb. I love them.

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^^ tinyfaerie’s eating tiny charming flavor bombs. Love the image!

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They also make dandy, biodegradable projectiles for your Crosman 2100B Pellet Rifle.

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