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What are some foods where the generic tastes as good as the name brand?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44146points) December 14th, 2018

All I’ve found so far is a difference in canned veggies, The name brand is so much better. Everything else is equal, or, in a few cases, the generic is actually better, IMO.

I wound up with some generic cream cheese in my fridge. I’m having bagels for breakfast and only had enough Philadelphia cream cheese to cover half of it. I pulled out the generic, spread it over the other half of the bagel. Then I closed my eyes and spun it around so I wouldn’t know which one I was eating.
I don’t know if I can tell the difference or not.

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Kroger’s crunchy peanut butter is at least as good, if not better, than Jif.

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Prinzenrolle tastes 100x better than Oreos.

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I have never heard of it @ragingloli.

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Snickers tastes exactly the same as a marathon
Opal Fruits just as tasty as Starburst

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I like cheap sandwich cookies, my husband likes off brand Pop Tarts. We buy for taste, not price and often find the difference is minimal. Like off brand cheese puffs, best choice nuts, etc…

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I pay for price, 9 times out of 10, unless the difference is too great. Less expensive bacon, for example, tends to be sloppily and thinly cut, but once it’s cooked it’s all the same.

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Froot loops and froot whirls are the same.

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Left Twix, and Right Twix.
Almost the same.

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Our local grocery, Market Basket, has a whole line of frozen veggies that are just as good and way cheaper than Bird’s Eye or Green Giant.

Good for winter when “fresh” veggies are flown in from Mexico and taste like nothing.

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Some cereals, like private label Frosted Flakes.

My husband likes the Publix brand goat cheese.

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I don’t see actual generic stuff anymore, with plain white labels.

But I will usually buy store brands like President’s Choice over the big-name stuff. Meijers store brand food is top quality. It’s a Midwest regional chain, so most people here won’t see it.

I assume store brand is equal or better until proven otherwise.

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Walmart’s Great Value brand is as good as any named brand I’ve tried. Their bread costs $0.85 where Sunbeam is $3.05. Great Value creamed corn is much better than any of the name brand that I’ve tried!!!

Walmart contracts with many name brand companies & buys their bottom of the barrel content with their own private label. The Great Value peanut butter is the same as Peter Pan at a greatly reduced price. I forget which other products are the same as a particular name brand. During my broke years, I bought a lot of food from Walmart & it tasted just as good as my friends who shopped at the high dollar stores!!!

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Most canned vegetables taste pretty much the same to me.

Also dried pasta.

Nuts of similar types.

Flour, sugar, butter.

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I like the less expensive refried beans better. They’re creamier and smoother than El Paso.

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