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Does applesauce float or sink in water?

Asked by helphelphelp (7points) December 15th, 2018

i really need the answer for this lab question

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It’s a lab question. Grab some applesauce and put it in water and see for yourself.

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Agreed. In the time it took you to type this, you could have filled a bowl with water, dropped in some applesauce, and observed what happens.

BONUS: You can eat the remainder of the applesauce while observing.

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[Mod Says] @helphelphelp While it’s not against the rules to ask homework questions, the community generally expects the asker to demonstrate that they have already done some independent work on the problem. Unfortunately, this question is so simple that it would be hard to tell you more than “try it out and see what happens” without just giving you the answer.

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@SavoirFaire has it right, but there are some variables you need to throw in.

There is commercial apple sauce (Motts, etc.) which tends to be lighter and more watery. Then there is homemade apple sauce (like grandma used to make) that is not pureed as much and is probably significantly heavier.

You also need to take into account green apples versus red applies, and the sourness of the apple. Sweet (sugary) apples have more C6H12O6 and that tends to make them lighter.

So it isn’t as simple a question as you think.

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Is there a financial barrier keeping you from experimentation? It sounds to me like a fun experiment to perform. Plop, spoonful of applesauce in water, yum, rest of it in your mouth.
Oh! For extra credit, see if adding cinnamon makes a difference.

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Apples! Gravy! Very small rocks! Churches!

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Churches with wooden steeples

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This new learning amazes me….

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Explain to me again how we know the Earth is banana shaped?

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