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Do you like pancakes?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44181points) December 18th, 2018

Is there anyone on the earth who doesn’t like pancakes?

I love them. I like the ones made from Bisquick the best. Pancakes with melting butter, and an ice cold glass of milk.
Some of my earliest memories revolve around pancakes in the morning. I could eat more and more and more. I can’t eat nearly as many now as I could as a kid.
For as long as I can remember I have tipped my plate to keep the syrup away from the cakes I hadn’t eaten yet, so they wouldn’t get soggy and gross. When I grew up it finally occurred to me to put the syrup in a separate dish.
My sisters used to spread peanut butter on theirs. I thought that was gross.
Don’t defile the pancakes!

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Of course ,but more of a waffle guy.
BUT do like pancakes.

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I am more of a frittata person.

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A frittata is not even related to pancakes, @ragingloli, but sounds good. (I’m hungry right now!)

I like waffles too, @SQUEEKY2. And since the crust of a waffle is more crisp, thanks to the beaten egg whites, I can pour syrup on them and they don’t get soggy.

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It is made in a pan, with eggs.
Clearly related.

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It’s a quiche! It isn’t flour based. It’s egg based.

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I made some the night before last…and husband likes peanut butter. I used some honey.

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They somehow taste different when you have them for dinner!

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We talkin’ pancake pancakes or Fluther pancakes?

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I do, but if the choice is between pancakes and waffles, I’m probably going to choose waffles.

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No for real pancakes, in real life. Not nakid Fluther pancake parties.

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Once in a while I like committing slow suicide by eating McDonald’s Big Breakfast. And yes I let the pancakes swim in syrup and butter but not the sausage and the weird scrambled egg. With coffee it’s all yummy. : )

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They put the syrup on the pancakes for you @mazingerz88? I’ve gotten them a few times, and the syrup comes in a little, sealed container. Their pancakes are OK, but not great like Bisquick pancakes.

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If you’d asked a month ago I would completely agree with the OP. However, a couple of weeks ago my wife made me french toast from a blueberry brioche loaf. I’ll never be the same again.

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I love French Toast, too! Can you share your wife’s recipe @gorillapaws?

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I only like Mc.D’s pancakes.

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I like all of these, but ranking breakfast carbs:

1. French Toast (especially made with cinnamon raisin bread)
2.Toasted English Muffins
3. Whole Grain Multi-Grain toast
4. Waffle
5. Corn Tortilla
6. Pancakes

The issue with pancakes is that they get soggy as soon as the syrup or butter hits them. That’s why waffles have an advantage over pancakes.

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Raisins look like shriveled up cockroaches to me. I hate them in my food, except for my stuffing. Even as a kid I’d eat the cinnamon bread part and leave the raisins.

I hate soggy pancakes too. The butter doesn’t make them soggy, but the syrup does. I put the syrup in a different dish, and just dunk my forkful of pancake in it before I put them in my mouth.

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^^^^^^ You’re not putting on enough butter. :)

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It drips off of each bite! That is not enough? :D

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Best with home made maple syrup!

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Oh yeah! But the recipe I use, which it love, caused @Adirondackwannabe to send me real maple syrup from upstate New York. I loved that man.

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If my husband is making some for himself (he loves pancakes) and I’m going to partake, I water down the batter, make a few very very thin pancakes, and fold them or roll them, and put powdered sugar and lemon on top, almost like a thin icing on crepes. If you put some melting butter first, and then the sugar and lemon it’s better, but I try to use very little butter in general.

I don’t like traditional pancakes because the syrup gets absorbed and the cake mushy, and I just don’t understand the fascination with them. I’d rather have a waffle, or much better is French toast. I love French toast.

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As I said, if you put the syrup in a separate dish you don’t have to worry about the syrup getting the pancakes soggy.

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I don’t like them much to begin with, but yes, when I eat them I put the syrup separately. If I don’t have a separate dish, I put it on the edge around the pancakes on the plate so I can dip.

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I used to tip my plate for that reason.

Hey you guys…when you think of pancakes, do you think of silver dollar pancakes, medium sized pancakes that you stack 3 high, or giant, plate sized pancakes? I think of the medium sized pancakes.

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@Dutchess_III Medium triple stack, although the Breckenridge, CO plate sized are pretty amazing. I’d never seen them that big in my life!

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I find the art work that people do with pancakes amazing. I can do a good rendition of Mickey Mouse, though.

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I can do a great rendition of a jackson pollock drizzle.
But then again, even someone with Parkinsons can.

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French toast is my all-time favorite, but I love pancakes, too. I’m not crazy about syrup, and prefer butter and confectioner’s (or even granulated) sugar as a topping on all carb-y breakfast things.

I seriously love pancakes with sausage gravy, too.

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@Dutchess_III I spread the butter on top of the pancake, open that syrup container and empty it all over my pancake stack. I cut from top to bottom watching the syrup and butter slowly cascade down those layers…lol

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Sure, set the record straight halfway down the responses. Me and my walker did three rounds of the house with me shouting, “Nekky pancakes! Nekky pancakes!”

Love mine smeared with a generous slab of butter, and dusted with powdered sugar.
Sometimes I change it up, nuke some brown and serve sausages, roll each one in a pancake, and dip in syrup before each bite.

Edit: forgot to close the curtains. Now I owe all my neighbors apologies.

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@augustlan I grew up eating granulated sugar with French toast. Now, I still sometimes eat it that way, or real maple syrup, depending on what I’m in the mood for and if maple syrup is in my fridge. My dad used to put sugar on potatoe pancakes sometimes too.

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I make my own pancakes, so yes I like pancakes!

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I prefer waffles, but I like pancakes. Gotta have an egg on top!

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“No for real pancakes, in real life. Not nakid Fluther pancake parties.”

@Dutchess_III: Well then, to hell with this thread. ~

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@cookieman, LOL! I’m sure there are plenty of nakid Jellys who are answering this question!

When I cook my French toast I sprinkle cinnamon on it. I eat it with syrup.

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“When I cook my French toast I sprinkle cinnamon on it. I eat it with syrup.”

I can’t tell if this entire statement is a euphemism.

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A euphemism for what…?

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