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Why ask people to stay off smartphone and/or social media for, say a few months?

Asked by flo (12904points) December 21st, 2018

Who can do that? Why challenge people to stay off smartphone and/or social media for, say a year? How are people going to be informed about all kinds of very important things? In the bottled water company’s case (in the news last week $100,000 prize) you can use a laptop, desktop. But can’t people do all the time wasting things on laptops?
Aren’t lie detectors unreliable? Maybe that’s another story.


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I think I’m going to apply. I could do it.

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Is it open to Canadians?
I would have no problem.

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As for why, I guess it’s just a publicity stunt.

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I think Fluther is as close to social media as I come. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook or any of the others. And I have found that when I go somewhere and leave my phone behind I feel better about life. Some out there may not remember life before cell phones. The only thing I would have a failure with this…my cell phone IS my home phone. I would still have to use it as a phone.
Now…why ask people to do it? I’m sure it’s part of a marketing campaign. If you can break the fixation on vegetating on line you can get people up and moving. Moving people need more water and therefore could buy more of their product.

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I could do it. But to answer your question It’s an advertising gimmick.

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Ok. I’m surprised, since I thought everyone would find it too long.
@SQUEEKY2 The only thing I see re. “jurisdiction” is:
”•The Submission must not contain material that is unlawful, in violation of or contrary to the laws or regulations in any jurisdiction where the Submission is created.” in “Content Restrictions”

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I am crying. I don’t know why

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