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Are converse insoles removable?

Asked by JoshLowensohn (44points) August 22nd, 2008

Just got some nice gel insoles and want to drop them into a new pair of chucks. Anyone ever tried to remove the insole? I’m worried since it’s adhered on it might do some irreparable damage to the structure of the shoe.

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I’ve never tried, but I always thought they were glued down or something. I’m just guessing though. Chucks are pretty strong though. I’m not sure you would to anything to it that would ruin it beyond being able to be worn. Just take them out gently, not ripping them out with rage. ;-)

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The old style Chucks had a waffled sole under the in-sole. I know well because my brother must have had a dozen pair that his stinky feet ate through the insole to expose the waffle structure below. If it’s the same construction I would leave the insole for a base and add the new gel insert on top.

To answer the question: of course it can be taken out. Safely? Ummm…I dunno?

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If it is glued in you will do some damage more likely to the insole than to the shoe. So if you aren’t wanting to put the new insole in between the shoe and the old insole, but rather replacing, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

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Of course they’re removable. All insoles are removable. Give ‘em to me and I’ll remove them for you.

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