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Do you accept Bernie Sanders apology?

Asked by Caravanfan (4989points) January 3rd, 2019

He apologized for campaign harrassment, sexism and pay disparities. He said he was busy.

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He apologized for the behavior of his staff, and he himself is apparently not accused of anything except perhaps being too busy to notice.

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@stanleybmanly This is what he wrote. ”“I certainly apologize to any woman who felt that she was not treated appropriately, and of course if I run, we will do better next time,”

Later he said, “I was a little bit busy running around the country trying to make the case,”

So in my opinion at best he was clueless and at worst he was negligent. But I found his apology weak on the level of “I apologize to anybody who may have been offended but I am not responsible.”

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The word “we” pretty much includes him in picture. But the entire business appears to be little more than a “storm in a teacup”.

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I know this is the wrong thing to say on Fluther, but…

A part of me sort of wishes a 77 year old guy might have some friskiness left to apologize for.

If I live that long, I would rather not be limited to apologizing for being forgetful and going to the bathroom a lot.

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He does appear to be a little unnaturally wired for a 77 year old to me. I figured he was on adderall during the campaign.

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He didn’t do the bad thing, and his apology doesn’t mean much.

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It’s not so much an apology as a dismissal. It could be worse. Like Trump’s accusations against the woman he slept with/assaulted/abused.

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Yeah I accept it. There are guys his age who aren’t really aware how disgustingly horny people around him could be.

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It’s fine with me. I don’t think he even needed to apologize. I think him saying he will look into and address what’s happening is good enough.

If there is a specific woman or women he dismissed or ignored he owes them an apology.

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Okay, let’s turn this around and, say instead of Bernie Sanders it was Ted Cruz. Substitute the words “Bernie” with “Ted” and “Sanders” with “Cruz”. Would everybody who is willing to forgive and forget still feel that way?

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@Caravanfan Of course Cruz would deserve a pass. Unless either man is fully aware of the miscreants activities, the axe should fall on the chief of staff on whose shoulders the responsibility falls. And even then, it’s difficult to be aware of all the interactions in anything as unwieldy as a crew of volunteer campaign staffers.

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@Caravanfan I’m not convinced Cruz would, he’d be labeled misogynisic, complacent and probably more.

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This whole controversy is a manufactured scandal. Bernie did nothing wrong, from what I can tell. The apology is entirely unnecessary, but a positive gesture nonetheless.

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He has nothing to apologize for as far as I’m concerned. Neither would Ted Cruz in the same position.

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