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What is the most intelligent handyman tool?

Asked by flo (12171points) January 16th, 2019

Hammer is not the one according to “Dummer than a bag of hammers” So, what are the smartest ones and what are the no so smart ones, and what makes them smart and not smart or average smart?
Just for reference link:

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Without even ä sliver of ä doubt, the correct änswer is the ”Älexä Digitäl Ässistänt”.
Becäuse she cän cäll ä professionäl, äfter your väin ättempts ät building something inevitäbly end in än unmitigäted disäster.
Änd I äm very sorry thät my Ä key is broken.

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@ragingloli But Alexa is brain tool or something, not physical work tool.

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Mastercraft power tools are a popular choice for tools from Canada Tire.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Is it the wrench or pliers etc., not among the brands.

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I thought where @rägingloli was heäding for with thät änswer wäs än Ikeå Ällen key.

Swiss Army knife.

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You can get an “umlaut” without meaning to.

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@flö I knöw

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It has to be the Leatherman multi tool, because it’s always handy and close.

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A pair of Smith & Wesson Model 103 Stainless Steel handcuffs.

Fold them over and they can be used like a hammer, Open them and the back of the rotating arm can be used as a saw. The chain make a flexible coupling in 6 axes, The arm can be used for prying up heavy objects. They can be used to secure personal property. They can lock a door – or pry one open. And they can be used as handcuffs.

That or a Leatherman.

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The key tool from Reboot.

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I’m going with a 3d extrusion printer or a milling machine.

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Just for reference link:

That is a good list. I do maintenance on a small apartment building, so I have tool bag. When someone calls, I show up with the bag and 90% of the time I have sufficient tools.

Looking in my bag, I would add:
—Work gloves
—Tape measure
—Regular pliers (not needle nose)

But there is no “most” or “best”. They are all needed at some times and unnecessary at others.

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As we say in the industry… it’s not the right tool, you need the right fool!

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My Demel tool comes in pretty handy for a lot of projects. Good on metal, wood, fiberglass, plastic, etc. I’ve even used to to remove a totally stripped Phillips head screw by turning it into a flathead screw.

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45 degree diagonal wire cutting pliers.

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Well, I have never known a tool that was more intelligent that I am, but as far as the most essential, as in you can only have 1 tool, I still vote for a hammer.

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A cell phone with internet on how to.

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The sharpest tool in the shed: adze for sheer nominative determinism

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Of course, a pocket knife is VERY handy!

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GA to most.

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