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What has possessed Rudy Giuliani?

Asked by stanleybmanly (19121points) 1 month ago from iPhone

It’s not as though Trump hasn’t enough problems already?

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I think it’s senility or something chemical or biological. He wasn’t always this befuddled and malicious.

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I actually thought he could win the Republican Presidential nomination many years ago.

This question makes me think of Regan in The Exorcist. Regan is America and she is possessed by a horde of demons led by trump. And you have Guliani in there, Ryan, the whole GOP.

I just read the Exorcist book for the first time recently and right now I’m very close to those steps at M Street.

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I think he was always this malicious but not this befuddled.

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@mazingerz88 – I went to school in DC – we used to up and down those steps to get from the dorms to the bars and vice versa. It’s steep and not much fun to climb in the rain when you’re half sloshed.

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^^The movie traumatized me as a kid. So despite my adventurous side wanting to go there and take a selfie, the wimpy side always wins.

I love reading and watching horror but at 51 is so immature I still have self-generated creepy imaginings. Like what if I go at night and saw someone on the steps with his head facing backwards.

What if it’s Rudy? Or Stephen Miller?

Been around here for 18 years now and haven’t walked those steps.

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He seems to be having a pop or two before his TV appearances.

Giuliani is out of his comfort zone as a defense counsel. He is a prosecutor, and made his reputation prosecuting people both in court and in the press.

He is way over his head defending someone who is guilty.

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I think he was always this malicious & he’s acting befuddled as a distraction for trump.With the way trump loves to fire people, IF it wasn’t a planned action, he’d be long gone for making trump look bad…instead, trump sticks him back out there to continue the sham!!!

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I mean, could be any demonic mammal from the bowels of Finlandia, judging by his face which looks like a sweaty lumberjack’s crusty elbow.

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I know. He’s saying the most delirious things any more.

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I think he’s gone bat shut fucking crazy. Now he’s just part of the deflection campaign.

If you play enough musical instruments, you eventually won’t be able to hear just one. This administration’s number one strategy, is to keep people from focusing on reality…

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I can’t decide whether it’s association with Trump that renders people babbling fkups, or if it’s Trump himself who’s gifted for seeking such people out.

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^I think Trump’s pool of people he has left to choose from is the problem. Nobody in their right mind would work for him.

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@stanleybmanly trump has ALWAYS chosen people who agree with him. Now, the ONLY people left who agree with him are effin idiots!!!

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The nut job needs those false teeth knocked down his throat for insinuating Cohen’s father in law is a criminal.

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I glanced at an article yesterday that suggested insiders are afraid Giuliani is drinking before he gives his live TV interviews! Don’t know how reputable the source is, but I guess if I was trump’s #1 person I’d be drunk all the time too.

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