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Why hasn't anyone asked Trump about witness tampering or being accessory to a crime?

Asked by Pandora (27849points) 2 weeks ago

The media and many do consider what Trump did with Cohen as witness tampering, but if he does know of crimes that Cohens family has done then he is still an accessory after the fact. Now whether they are guilty or not guilty of some crime, he is still guilty of threatening Cohen by going after his family.

I wonder why no one has asked him what crimes is he aware of? And if he did know of these crimes, why did he wait to till now to report it?
If he says he has no first hand knowledge but heard rumors, then it makes him more guilty of witness tampering and trying to use the power of the presidency to put pressure on the witness.

If he does know of crimes then they can add one more thing. Accessory to a Crime. Why is this not even a thing?

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The net is being stitched around him, as damned near anyone associated with the man turns up indicted. It’s a fascinating thing to watch, and the sewing is so intricate that I almost feel sorry for him when his turn comes.

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They haven’t asked him yet but Americans who are sincerely defending and protecting America against all threats external and domestic like Mueller are working at it diligently. Believe it.

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I think it comes down to actual facts. Let’s look at your concern.
The media and man do consider what Trump did with Cohen as witness tampering, They are not the law. They have opinions, just like you and I or even Trump and Guiliani. Anymore the media is nothing more than sensationalism and opinion passed as fact.
but if he does know of crimes that Cohens family has done then he is still an accessory after the fact. Your statement starts with a big IF. IF he does know of crimes…it would depend on if he actually knows of crimes or has heard of crimes. And for him to be accessory after the fact, he would have to have actively participated in some cover up. With a statement like “When Cohen is talking to congress, maybe they should ask about his father-in-law” you would have a really hard time showing he is an accessory after the fact. An accessory after the fact has to be assists someone that has committed a crime, after the crime is committed with full understanding that the crime was committed and is actively trying to help that criminal avoid arrest or punishment. Hearing rumors about someone and not running to the police with them is not accessory after the fact.
Witness tampering would be really hard to prove in this case. It is a stretch at best. The MSM wants you to believe it is a slam dunk but it isn’t. For this to be witness tampering you would have to show Trump had the sole purpose of trying to keep Cohen from testifying. Kinda hard to prove from just a twitter statement. If that was all it took then all of us would be guilty of witness tampering at some point. The MSM would be guilty of it every day. It comes down to the differentiation of free speech and witness tampering.

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^Having you tweet something about me or my family is nothing. Just an eye roll. If a “godfather” Gambini type person tweets or passes a message to me, then I feel threatened. Big difference in you tweeting and trump tweeting. He has the money to carry out his barely veiled threats.

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@chyna if the tweet had been something like “Before Cohen testifies to congress, he might want to look to his own family’s health” I could buy that. To tweet out a hint that his dad might have done something illegal really doesn’t fall to the same level. Nor do I compare Trump with “the godfather”. If he were seriously threatening Cohen, why would he do it on Twitter? It is foolish to even believe that.

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We don’t know that it hasn’t already been asked.

But more fundamentally, why would anyone believe Trump? Everything he says is a lie. I think that even under oath, he would lie.

I think the prosecutor is asking everyone else because they can’t trust anything Trump says.

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@seawulf575 So your defense of innocence is that it would be so obviously stupid to do it in public. Wow, if only criminals everywhere would be aware that that they could use this as a defense. Dear Jury, I couldn’t have done the crime you accuse me of because I would’ve done a better job of covering it up. The blood found on my clothing of the victim was planted, and I wouldn’t never admitted to my friends that I may kill this person. Only an idiot would do that.
Also when it comes to witness tampering it doesn’t matter how thinly veiled the threat seemed. It matters that the person feels you are directly threatening them or someone they care about. It doesn’t have to be a death threat. Blackmail is blackmail. So if he does know of something they did and is holding it over Cohens head, then it is a threat. Like the way Putin is holding stuff over Trump.
But my question isn’t about that. My question is why hasn’t the media batted an eye at this and asked him about it.
When Trump accused Obama of spying on him, they investigated that and asked him endless questions about it, till it came out that he had no proof and it was only about trying to harass Obama and get people off the Flynn story. (Last part is my opinion)

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We ALL know that it’s a waste of time asking him…he’ll just LIE!!!

He’s told me so many lies that I’m beginning to feel like I’m married to him!!!

Some of you are too young to remember but the citizens of NYC called him “The Donald” as a tongue-in-cheek way of calling him “The Don”. He was believed to have strong mafia ties. It took half my life for the Feds to prove that the mafia was indeed the mafia;so, I’m NOT surprised that trump hasn’t been proven…yet!!!

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As soon as someone complains about the MSM (Mainstream Media) he puts himself in a category of separatist. Even radically odd.

There’s a reason why the mainstream media is mainstream – it isn’t monolithic – rather it is an amalgamation or an average of a wide gamut of American thought. It represents what the average person / publication /broadcast is saying.

So someone who decries the mainstream media has put himself as a radical rejectionist, by definition.

That then leads to the questions – do you want the radical nihilists running the country? Yech.

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@stanleybmanly nailed it perfectly. They are slowly building an air tight case against him that he won’t be able to lie his way out of. I’m surprised he hasn’t headed for the Cayman Islands already.

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It’s so dead here. :(

It’s like any criminal. If they asked, he would deny it. So they are building case where he can deny it all he wants,but it will be so obvious that he is guilty that they can convict him without a confession. They are going to be extremely closed lipped about what they have so far so as not to tip their hand.

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Is it really a surprise that so many people closely associated with Trump are criminals? Is it likely they acted this way without at least the tacit approval of Trump? Trump was guilty of shady practices before he was ever went in to politics and I would doubt he has stopped now. However, let’s wait and see what evidence Mueller produces. I trust Mueller, and if he finds that Trump is personally blameless I will accept his findings though with somewhat raised eyebrows.

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It’s no surprise to me, but apparently his followers are shocked. I don’t know how they could be so blind, though.

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@Pandora no, my reasoning is that the statement he made really isn’t a threat. It will, of course, be stretched as far as it can be by the left, but in the end, trying to prove witness tampering on the grounds of a twitter post is ludicrous.

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No more ludicrous than attacking everyone via a twitter post!!! I find it ludicrous that I need to check twitter every morning to see what the head twit is saying so I don’t get my info from fake news!!!

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@LadyMarissa amen. I don’t check twitter, but I am still annoyed with Trump for living through his Twitter account. It lacks decorum.

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Yeah that’s the problem. It’s his tweets that lack decorum. I know that if he could straighten that little hitch, he could depend on my heartfelt support. If lies were electricity we could plug his corpulent ass into the grid and solve the energy crisis.

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It also lacks spelling, punctuation and grammar @seawulf575. I can’t fathom how anyone can miss the spell check prompts.

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