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The Best of 2008?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) August 23rd, 2008

What do you think is the best movie so far of 2008, i thought death race, kicked ass.

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I thought Pineapple Express did it for me.

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Dark Knight.

It took me three weeks after it came out to see it, but I loved that movie.

I have yet to see Wall-E, but I plan on it soon.

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Wall•E is the only perfect film I’ve seen this year.

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Oh Eambos did you remember the Pencil scene?

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That was an interesting magic trick.

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oh, no. not this again… that is the first thing everyone talks about in the movie.

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I haven’t seen too many movies this year, but my favorite so far is Hitchcock.

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Don’t you mean Hancock.

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The Orphanage

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I think the answer is clearly Meet the Spartans.


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you got served!!!

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Ha ha!! yeah, Hancock! I’m on my 70th hour of work this week, so I’m getting wired.

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Chillax. :)

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@Scamp; I called the movie Hitchcock rather than Hancock once, too…Maybe it’s because I’m reading a book of short stories written by Alfred Hitchcock…but it was hilarious…

I second Wall•E. It was such a cute movie and, sadly, a realistic prediction of what might happen to our society in the future.

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i second hellboy 2

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How can you second Hellboy if nobody said it in the first place?

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Thanks flyawayxxballoon ! Glad i’m not the only one!! ha ha!

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I meant to say that as my second option.

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without a doubt it is
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

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I liked Death Race as well, anyone else do to?

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John Adams

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Samual Adams, always the right choice.

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You watch to much family guy.

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So far, I think it has pretty much been a vast wasteland.

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I will have to say iron man was pretty amazing. I enjoyed it a lot more than Dark Knight.

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Since I don’t go to the movies to get my ass kicked, I’d nominate Frozen River.

Melissa Leo gave a runaway performance with no make-up, just skill.

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the wackness

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I would go with the everyone-I-ask-answer of Dark Knight, but I watched it and I didn’t really think it was that good as everyone had said..
I’m gonna have to say Wall-E or Iron Man, haven’t seen the recent movies.

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I haven’t seen many, but I’d say The Orphanage as well.

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I’d go with Dark Knight first, Iron Man second, and oddly I really liked Wanted. I only went to see it to apologize to my husband for Mama Mia. I was surprised that I liked Wanted quite a bit more. Oh, and The Bank Job was pretty good, too.

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dark knight

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I’m going with majority to say Dark Knight first, Ironman second, W•ALLE third. Batman and Ironman were just amazing. Definitely the best superhero movies so far.

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Ugh….it’s hopeless

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Dark Knight best movie ever. Wall-E, Iron Man, and Pineapple Express are runner ups.

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@NecroKing: Kindly take your negativity elsewhere.

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Hey I’m in a positive mood today….for now.

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