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How to be romantic on a limited budget?

Asked by wadeo (7points) August 23rd, 2008

Just looking for some ideas on romantic outings that doesnt cost an arm and a leg

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Thoughtful and romantic gestures should cost more effort than money. Why not take your date to your favorite spot to watch the sunset. Write little notes/poems. Cook a homemade meal. Have a picnic on your livingroom floor (a blanket, lots of candles, a bottle of wine and a light meal or finger food – and some music)...

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couldn’t say it any better than wildflower.

also, burn a cd with some songs chosen for the relationship. don’t forget a good makeout session.

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I just bought spaghetti (pasta, sauce, bread/butter, meatballs, desert, cheese) to serve 60 as the boxes say for 50 bucks at safeway.

Food can be incredibly romantic, and doesn’t have to break the bank at all. Just about everything costs some money, but anything heartfelt is romantic. In the case of food, cook it together. In the case of foosball, play for fun and let him/her win. Give everything your all to let them know that they are worth your effort, and nothing isn’t romantic.

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Sunday afternoon picnic at a park with a pond. Rent a paddle boat. Wear clothes reminiscent of the gay ‘90’s (1890’s that is…). Role play a simpler time. Let worries wash away. The secret is to find such a spot, but there are a few around the country.

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kind of like in the movie the notebook is was a very nice movie, she would appreciate something like that minus the 1800 outfits.

Thanks for the advise….

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A romantic outing is more about attitude, than pocketbook.

A simple picnic in a state or national park, can be one of the most romantic events there is, and the cost is minimal.

Allow the lady to make suggestions about what she would enjoy, then choose from among them, the most economical.

August 23, 2008, 11:21 AM EDT

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I love the idea of a living room picnic. My husband and I used to do that all the time BK – before kids.

I think the main thing is to think about what she likes. A lot of guys think that roses are always romantic, but I like it when my husband brings me tulips because it shows that he knows me – they’re my favorite flower.

Little things are nice too – making me a milkshake, rubbing my feet after a long day, whatever.

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If you listen to what she says, and say what you mean, that should be enough inspiration.

There’s no such thing as a template for romantic. Each woman is a beautiful individual.

One Valentines Day, I made my girlfriend a large card, inside were dozens of smaller cards for every year I didn’t know her yet, but wished I had. I spent every penny of the $10 I had left to make it.

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I didn’t say flavored condoms. Really. I didn’t

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And for ‘afters,” some scented candles, lavender or almond massage oil, music you love…to help make the “whatever” romantic.

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Personalized M&Ms

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