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Is it fair that Adam Levine showed his nipples (in fact his entire chest) at Super Bowl halftime show yesterday? And Janet Jackson got in trouble for showing a pasty?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24885points) 1 week ago

Why didn’t Levine (from Maroon 5) get the same kind of opprobrium from the Philistines that Janet Jackson did when she had her famous ‘nipple slip’?


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I suppose Adam is a man?

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No. Sounds like the media has some hang-ups on female nipples.

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Who could see his nipples when there was other things to look at? Stomach muscles, hips swaying…

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Nipples on a man aren’t considered sexual. Why do women generally wear tops on at the beach while men just wear trunks? Of course, you know this.

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“Fair”. Hahahahaha.

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C’mon. Did you just get here? Archaic, puritanical, gender-normative expectations. It’s okay though. These have been slowly changing over modern times and will continue to do so.

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One of humanity’s many ironies! Like, how much tit (other than the nipple) can a woman show before it’s obscene?

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What I’ve NEVER understood is WHY it is OK for a man to go topless yet it is considered perverted for a woman to feed her baby…you can’t even see her nipple!!!

NOTHING in life is fair!!!

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I suppose the solution would have been to make Gladys Knight perform topless. Personally I would rather have the cheerleaders perform topless but I guess we would then have to deal with the issue of objectifying women. Damned if you do damned if you don;t.

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Janet was not wearing a pasty, btw. It was full nipple, which had a piercing.

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@kritiper “Like, how much tit (other than the nipple) can a woman show before it’s obscene?”

It’s strange indeed how much mental energy has been wasted over the millennia on determining the boundaries of obscenity, decency and modesty. I do actually wonder how this is determined. Is it a radius of some diameter greater than the areolae? Additionally is some percentage of the surface area of the breast that must be covered, like a ratio of fabric to skin? The whole thing is a pretty silly exercise.

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@filmfann according to Snopes, it was a nipple shield link strictly speaking, I guess not a pasty and not a piercing.

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As an Atlantan, is it fair that Big Boi only got to perform one song? No. Damn Adam Levine and his Chipotle bag lookin toso.

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Is it fair that on network television you can be pissed off, but not pissed on?

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I’m with @Jaxk
If he can go topless, so should the cheerleaders. Fair is fair.

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It was the first time male cheerleaders performed in the Super Bowl.

Yes go topless!

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This may be one of the few issues that I agree wiyh you all. If women want to show their breasts, by all means, do it. You;ll hear no complaints from my end.

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I thought if I remember correctly that it was Janet Jackson’s motive that was in question?
SHE did use a platform of billions of family viewers to stage that mishap of purpose! It was all to enhance her publicity and gain attention, a form of advertising her daring to “buck” the Advertising system.
She used the wrong forum to do so and that is what irritated the General public. Of course there are some whom want luring wanton acts displayed on TV! I find it increasingly degrading that musicians whom have a God given talent and do not have faith in their talents to get them noticed and had to resort to stripping on national TV to get publicity.
Unfortunately when too much is displayed over time this becomes the norm?
It will escalate further, you can bet on that unless the musicians tone it down to normal.
Normal does not get noticed, I assume , anymore.
Too much Porn online has escalated expectations from viewers and denigrated them to nothing more than pawns to be played with.

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@Inspired_2write fascinating diatribe. Not really on topic, and sort of anachronistic, but interesting nonetheless.

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My dog flashes his dick wnen he cocks his leg up a tree or post to urinate, not okay if I do it.
That’s right & proper & ultimately, just the way it is, life does that shit y’know

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@elbanditoroso The rest of the question asked “why”?
Why didn’t Levine (from Maroon 5) get the same kind of opprobrium from the Philistines that Janet Jackson did when she had her famous ‘nipple slip’?
I answered the “Why and not the“is it fair” part..

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LOL! Some guys would love to see our breasts but they don’t want to see us nursing a baby with them!

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@Inspired_2write I agree, Janet’s was staged, which means she intentionally offended people during a family-friendly event/ performance.

Unlike many, I prefer both male and female nips to be covered in public or in public venues.

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I think it is stupid that seeing a woman’s breast is “offensive.”

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@Dutchess There’s another Q?! In my area we had a Free the Nipple movement, was a big deal.

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I’m sure the men loved that movement.

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Is there any real proof Janet did that on purpose?

I say for every two nipple exposure by a guy on stage, there should be one nipple exposure by a female performer in the same show.

This makes me think football players should be asked to play with their dicks hanging out. Let’s see who are the real men, eh?

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Real men keep their dicks in their pants when they’re not using them so they don’t get tripped up.

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I am now envisioning the next Super Bowl with most of the players tripping over themselves!!! Anyway, I’m of the opinion that size does NOT make the man!!! There’s so MUCH MORE that goes into being a “real man”!!!

After this thread, the men will be able to start their own #METOO movement!!!

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@mazingerz88 No proof, no. General consensus is that it was intentional, to bump her career.

“Let me ask you this,’’ Trevor Reilly, a linebacker for the New England Patriots, said this week, “was that whole thing planned or not? What’s the consensus?’’

Jackson isn’t talking about it. “No comment,’’ her publicist Paula Witt said in an email to USA TODAY Sports.

Timberlake has said little other than that he’s sorry for what happened.

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Why would he be sorry? Why should Janet Jackson be sorry for that matter? Damn it. We have to get over this unhealthy sexual preoccupation with ridiculous things.

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@Dutchess_III I suppose because of blowback and career mobility.

I mean if people are going to bitch about MAGA hats while wearing vagina costumes, I guess everyone can be offended at whatever they want. It’s ALL pretty ridiculous imo.

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