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What is your favourite cheese?

Asked by flutherother (29148points) 6 days ago

There’s an incredible variety of cheese available nowadays. Which do you like the most?

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Grana Padano.

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Depends on how it is being served.

If it’s on spaghetti or pasta, then gorgonzola cheese.

On a salad, then Roquefort. Not that cheap-ass fake Blue Cheese.

On crackers or bread, then Jarlsberg

I used to love various French bries and camemberts, but they are so fatty….

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Double Gloucester or Red Leicester

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It depends. I eat a LOT of Cheddar cheese. That’s the one cheese I always have on hand.
But sometimes American cheese for cheese dip or sandwiches.
Swiss cheesed for BLTs and ham sandwiches.
Blue cheese for dressing
Goat cheese on garden salads.

I love cheese, man.

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Is “ANY KIND” a type of cheese ? ? ? ?

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Danish Blue

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Monterey Jack and Swiss. Monterey Jack for putting on top of hot dishes to melt. Swiss to add flavor and depth to burgers and sandwiches.

And bleu for salads.

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Medium cheddar.

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@Tropical_Willie I eat “anything” too!

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If I could only pick one for the rest of my life it would be Polly-o mozzarella.

Now and then I really crave Kraft Cracker Barrel sharp white Vermont cheddar.

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I, er…don’t really care for cheese.

runs and hides

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“My name is William”, and I have five six nine different cheeses in my refrigerator !

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@Demosthenes I think that’s a gift. Don’t ever develop a taste for it.

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Yesterday I tried Shawarma with duck. It also contained raspberry jam and cheese which tasted like salt cottage cheese. It was the tastiest one. I think it was feta.

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Mozzarella and cheddar mix.

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I love many of them, but the tangy herb goat cheese’s and Feta are probably my faves.

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Nacho flavored Doritos, the original.

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I like Brie, Edam and grated Parmesan (with spaghetti bolognaise) I also like Red Leicester grilled on toast.

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@rojo Such a sophisticated palate! haha

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@rojo I prefer zesty cheese on my Doritos.

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I too am a fan of the nacho flavored Doritos : )

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I mean if we’re talking powder, I prefer the classic Cheese Puff, or the crunchy Doodle.

PS My dogs vote Puffs. Plebs.

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Cheesezs are good too.

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@ReDeer Cheez-Its? They are fire, yummy.

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From ages past you rise as gentle breezes

Came and barely tried your faith in cheeses..

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I’m blessed to live in America’s dairyland, Wisconsin. Dairy is praised on our license plates. You should see the cheese selections in our grocery stores. Heaven!

I could live off cheese.

My favorite cheese is hot and melted.

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