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Who is the first artist whose paintings you remember being able to recognize?

Asked by tabbycat (1808points) August 23rd, 2008
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Pic…God damn you! Wrestle….ugh….same.

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I’d have to say Salvador Dali for me.

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You go to…....well it’s your opinion. :(

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Norman Rockwell. Anybody who was a Boy Scout will remember him.

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Sorry for the post I put up, I thought I was reading another question.

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I recognized Ansel Adams before any painter. For painters, I’d say O’Keefe or Van Gogh.

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The first artist I remember being able to recognize was Toulouse-Lautrec. But Norman Rockwell and Leonardo da Vinci were a close second and third.

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Salvador Dalí

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Norman Rockwell

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Norman Rockwell

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Vermeer, Magritte,

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Escher (granted, he did more printing than painting).

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I don’t recall ever not being able to recognize Escher, Van Gogh, Dali or John William Waterhouse. I’m not sure which came first for me.

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Salvador Dali, with his “The Persistence of Memory.”

The image of the “metled clocks” has never left my mind, and I’ve always wondered what he was smoking, when he painted it.

August 24, 2008, 1:45 AM EDT

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Mr. Magoo!!, that’s who!!

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@Necro; Mr. Magoo, the world-famous artist whose works will be remembered in every Art History class? He painted -what was it called?

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It’s a joke.

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If you have to announce it, it’s probably not.

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Give him a break Gail.

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Wrong site, westlemaniac.

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Hi Wrestle. and what do you mean wrong site.

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Francisco Oller’s ‘El velorio (The Wake) or Ramon Frade’s ‘El Pan Nuestro’ (“Our Daily Bread”)

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@ JackAdams – This was the first art poster I ever bought.

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Da Vinci…

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the first artist i could identify from their work was probably van gogh.

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My dad and Michelangelo. Then Delacroix, da Vinci and van Gogh.

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Vincent van Gogh first but his work is more common than many other artists. J. W. Waterhouse first out of less common artists.

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Gainsborough:The Blue Boy and Pinkie were the cover shots on two decks of cards I used to learn how to play Go Fish, War, Spit, Old Maid, and Concentration.

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@ gailcalled
I forgot about those! My grandmother loved those and she was so proud of them. She had two above her mantle. They might have been the first I could recognize but not by the artist, by the names of the paintings.

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