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How does the search bar pull up past questions?

Asked by KNOWITALL (22757points) February 20th, 2019

I was searching for the Trump tax question and past Vampire threads but when I use the search bar, only a few really old ones come up.

Is there a specific way to search for past threads that I may be unaware of?

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Yes. You can search with Google.

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Thanks @RedDeerGuy1, I meant on fluther. I searched Trump, Tax, etc…and the old threads pop up along with users, but this thread was recent and about how much taxes we got back. Any ideas?

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You can type in Google. Trump and Fluther and go into the topic and search from their.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I only want questions posted on this site, but thank you!

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@KNOWITALL You can search by topic. Just type in the search bar and click on the red topic and you get a chronological search results for the topic.

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Hey it worked, thanks! I wasn’t clicking the red topic. Appreciate that!

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You can also do Google by adding the word “fluther” to the search. It sometimes comes up with stuff that fluther search doesn’t.

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@canidmajor Okay, I didnt know that! Thx!

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Yes, people have found in the past that using Google and adding Fluther to your search terms works better than the Fluther search bar as @canidmajor says.

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The search sucks. I find it very frustrating.

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