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Why do only white people get abducted by aliens?

Asked by luigirovatti (966points) 3 weeks ago

A collective hysteria, maybe? LOL :-)

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Non-whites will be eaten by the aliens. Dark meat is more flavorful. White meat is bland. So the aliens take the bland whites to be examined and de-brained.

They save the tasty dark meat for food and savor it.

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It only seems that way because only white people bitch about it. People of color go with the flow!

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Why do only white people get abducted by aliens?

That’s not including how many Africans were abducted by aliens, I.e. white slavers from a foreign land.

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Alien abductions and U.F.Ology are more like esoteric, transcendental experiences than physical occurances, even though there seems to be a lot more sexual and probing experiences in what has been reported the last thirty years.

Well, anyhow, the U.F.O cults are somewhat racist. Not in the sense of racial hatreds, but in explaining race as kind of genetic engineering experiences. Whether its a black U.F.O cult which believes the black and brown people as the true ‘original’ earthly races, and white people as the genetically engineered ones— or the white cults, which sometimes hold that white people are related to or descended from Nordic / Pleiadian aliens — the basic idea is that white people are the aliens or engineered race. There is often also the view that there are Reptilian aliens that have mixed with the bloodlines of European royalty or certain world leaders. So I guess that is why they are concerned with the bodies and earthly adaptation and reproductive capabilities of white people on the earth,

Grey aliens seem more concerned with taking FROM human stock to make Grey Alien / Human hybrids rather than infusing INTO the human race and becoming white people.

So, I would guess, that people who believe in these things probably believe that white people have alien DNA or blood, and that the Asian, Native American, and African races are more like the original, unmodified earthlings. U.F.O groups tend to be white and preoccupied with race and genetics.

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They show up better in the dark.

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It is kind of like your zoophiles having clear preferences for certain dog breeds.

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Maybe more white people have more time on their hands for self-indulgent fantasies and delusions.

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Untrue. Betty and Barney Hill were abducted and Barney was a black postal worker, Betty a white social worker. They were put under hypnosis at different times in different rooms and their hair raising testimonies matched. I have the book about the whole thing and it is great. At the time the book was written researchers photographed Betty’s blue dress she wore and it has or had radioactive spots on it as did the car.

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Probably because Scientology and their connection to aliens were founded by a racist.

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Because black people have the threat of enough real life bad shit happening to them they don’t have any desire to make up pretend ones.

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@Aster weren’t Betty and Barney friends of Fred Flintstone?

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Yeah they were @elbanditoroso, but they were an actual interracial couple from my mom and dad’s generation that I’m still trying to wrap my brain around. (I Googled them after Aster’s comment.)

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Aliens are racist. Duh.
They are up in space chanting “White power” as we speak.
Those dirty bastards.

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One of the earliest recorded abductions, 1961 – Barney and Betty Hill abduction. Kinda throws a kink into “Whites Only” theory.

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Maybe the phenomenon happens more in certain parts of the country? I don’t know that to be a fact, I’m just guessing that there might be more UFO sightings or more story telling in some communities, and maybe the area is predominantly white.

Haunted houses are usually stories told by white people too, or that’s who gets publicized or has movies made anyway. Some black comedians joke that the white peoples stay in the haunted house, and black oriole would get out and not wait around to be able to tell a lot of stories.

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I’m guessing that more white people live outside of the city, while more black people live in cities. It is a urban rural thing. Less witnesses outside the city than in.

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Or maybe it doesn’t happen at all?

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