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Do crest white strips work?

Asked by argaudette (149points) August 23rd, 2008

Just curious. Self explanatory.

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yes. But, if you have sensitive teeth, they can HUUUURT. (like mine)

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Here are some good earlier answers

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They do, but only on the exact place you use them. A friend of mine had long teeth, so after a few weeks: Sure, it worked. Upon closer inspection, you can see he had two-tone colored teeth.

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The best, but most expensive, is to have plastic molds made and then use the gel provided by dentist. Molds can be reused in a year or so and you can purchase more gel, again from dentist.

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I can’t speak to the strips per se. I use trays like gailcalled mentions. It is a custom molded tray and it does work. The results are fantastic. My teeth are a bit sensitive to cold for about a day after each bleaching (I sleep w/ one tray at a time) I wouldn’t recommend using on concesecutive days.
Once you get to the brightness you want, it is just a matter of maintaining.
Also, the bleach stuff doesn’t taste so great…....

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@Snoopy; I wore my trays for an hour a day; it took several weeks to use up the gel. And it’s hard to talk with them on. It is easy to mumble and drool, however.

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@gailcalled I wear mine at night….and only on nights when I am really tired so I will sleep w/ them on….My dentist told me to wear them at least 8 hours per session…..doesn’t seem like you would get too far w/ the whitening at an hour/day…..?

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It worked very nicely and w/o any sensitivity. Maybe I wore them 30 minutes/ twice a day. Teeth still look good after several years, but I don’t drink coffee.

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