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What is Hayao Miyazaki’s best film for you and why?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28790points) March 2nd, 2019 from iPhone

As asked.

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I haven’t seen all of his stuff, but my favorites of what I have seen are Howls Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke. Spirited Away was also terrific.

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I think « Spirited Away » was the only one I’ve seen.

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My favorite is Princess Mononoke. I just loved the monsters in it.

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Based on the story, script, and themes, I think Princess Mononoke is his masterpiece. But the movie that I enjoy rewatching over and over again is Kiki’s Delivery Service, such a wonderful film.

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@rockfan Awesome. My top favorite is Totoro and Kiki comes second. Laputa third.

There’s something truly special about Miyazaki’s girl characters. Nausicaa bridging the gap between humans and the natural world, Mononoke defending forest creatures, Chihiro getting work and facing scary situations to save her parents and Kiki exploring the unknown with zero hesitation.

All these girls are excellent examples of courage, self-reliance and exuberance of spirit. Truly inspirational. They make Disney princesses look like pfffft…lol

Btw Kiki’s cat rocks. :)

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Just wondering, do you prefer subtitled or dubbed?

I think the dubbed version for Spirited Away is excellent but I find the dubbed version for Totoro is really bad. And Billy Bob Thornton is quite distracting in Princess Mononoke

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Subtitled. Always. I never watch films dubbed.

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I took a film class in community college, and we watched Let the Right One In, but unfortunately my teacher got the dubbed version. Sounded terrible. I was able to persuade him to play the subtitled version, and I think half the class hated me after that lol.

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@rockfan I’m perfectly fine with both though it depends sometimes on whether I’m not up to reading subtitles so I switch to dubbed.

I have Blu-ray copies of Miyazaki’s films except The Wind Rises…I think that’s the title. It’s a really pretty sad tale. But yet again brilliant.

These days for some reason I enjoy revisiting Ponyo often. My guess is it’s the hot noodles and hot chocolate and riding a boat atop a submerged town seeing fish of all sizes under the water. :)

Miyazaki’s food scenes always stimulate my appetite. Lol

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Princess Mononoke.
I haven not seen the other ones, because I am not a fan of that art style.

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