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How many questions are on Fluther?

Asked by matthew288 (3points) August 23rd, 2008
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This is the 21292 question posted.

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While that is true, there are not 21292 questions on Fluther. That number includes removed and moderated questions.

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Welcome to the collective, matthew288.

@Eambos and lefteh How do you guys know that?

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Look at your address bar.

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Ah. Thanks. Was right in front of my face! lol

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Why thank you, doctor.

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How many people are part of the collective? Of those how many are still active?

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@Snoopy Ask as a separate question.

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Well thanks for your helpful advice Marina. Although….I think it is still within the realm of the discussion, unlike some of the threads on other questions I have read…..

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@Snoopy I was not trying to obnoct. I thought it was a good question. If you do it in the thread, many in the Collective will not see it was my point. It has been asked, but current figures might be very illuminating in light of recent growth.

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OK. Fair enough.

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From two months ago..

Andrew gives out some numbers.

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@jp Thanks! Lurve to you. Wow, it’s gone up a lot since then if you hit that link he gave.

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All of them!~

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