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Has anyone ever committed suicide by intentionally getting cancer?

Asked by ragingloli (51613points) March 10th, 2019

Or any other disease.

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Everyone who smokes.

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@RedDeerGuy1, not everyone who smokes gets cancer. Most people who smoke don’t do it to intentionally get cancer.

I have heard of this as a way to beat the strictures on life insurance collection, but what a nasty way to go!

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When you are suicidal you will do anything to die, even the craziest thing.

Giving yourself cancer is essentially “passive suicide”. You want to die but don’t have enough courage or drive to do it, so you want something to happen so that you can die. Reckless driving, ignoring safety precautions… they are all passive suicide.

I don’t know anyone who gave themselves cancer to commit suicide yet, but Andrew Solomon tried to give himself AIDS.

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Along the lines of @Mimishu1995, a lot of late stage alcoholics essentially kill themselves by drinking to death.

But it is pretty hard to intentionally get cancer, in fact i don’t think anyone can definitively trigger it, and it is a long lingering painful death.

I suppose one could get some radium and carry it around for a few years. But it might be a long time until one passed away.

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That would be pretty hard to do, and extremely painful. My grandfather got stomped on by a horse back in 1933 and died of the skin cancer his injuries caused in 1972. You’d be better off just shooting yourself in the head. It’s much faster.

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