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Avocado requires salt and lemon or it does not taste right. What combinations can you not live without?

Asked by joeschmo (1396points) March 18th, 2019


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Your opinion. I don’t adulterate my pure avocados with either sale or lemon – natural is beautiful.

De gustibus non est disputandum

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It might not taste right to YOU, but I have no trouble with adding slices to my sanwiches minus the lemon or salt. res ipsa loquitor

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I never put salt or lemon on my avocado. You are a heathen.

Corned beef must have mustard. Otherwise it is poor shoe leather that is falling apart.

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Pure avocado tastes right for me. My Mom loves to slice them, add milk, sugar and crushed ice.

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Speaking of corned beef, my wife once again shamelessly coerced her sister into inviting us to Petaluma to partake of her brother-in-law’s corn beef. And I swear, his product must be experienced to be believed. Even the perfectly cooked new potatoes, cabbage and baby carrots required next to no attention from a knife. And his corned beef is always beyond the best I have had anywhere at any price. The stuff is so good, that each year I cannot convince myself that it is as good as I remember—until the first bite (which requires damned near no chewing) was

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Latina est senex, et inutilia.

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Oh, certainly not useless. Helpful, in fact, when determining meaning in a Romance language with which one is unfamiliar.

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Sona si Latine loqueris.

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I like it best with just pepper. I use it in sandwiches,salads (cubed),slides with breakfast,toast spread etc. Love it just as is, its an acquired taste as some do not like the texture.
Regarding Lunch meat I always use mustard as its healthier than ketchup ( has sugar in it).
I cook chicken in the oven with only water and pepper & salt only.( no other spices).
Steak I use garlic and pepper and rarely BBQ sauce.

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Brown sugar on steel cut oats.

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Honey in tea.
Cream in coffee.
Mayo sammy with tuna.
Cheese sammy with mayo.
A little milk or cream in my Malt-o-meal.

@RedDeerGuy1 I am with you on the oats!

And sorry, I’m with the others, I just eat avocado slices like an apple. I LOVE them plain. My MIL looked at me like I was crazy when I didn’t use salt like she does.

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Hot fudge sauce on coffee ice cream

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Mince & Dumplings followed by jam roly poly & custard.

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LATIN is a whole lot older and a whole lot uselesser than Englis, @joeschmo.

Pecan pralines. Final answer.

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Fish and Mayo.

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Pommes with a mix of mayo and ketchup.

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TarTar sauce with battered deep fried fish.

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@ragingloli MAYO on fries? What?!?!

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What do you mean “what”?
It is the most normal thing in the world.

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@ragingloli Never heard of it, and we LOVE mayo round here.

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When my son, Chris, was 5 he was invited to dinner at a friends house.
The friend’s mother called me, and said Chris was worried about dinner. She said he almost acted afraid of it.
I asked what they were having, and she said fish stix.
It was weird. He likes fish stix, and the kid was not a picky eater. He ate bugs, for crying out loud!
I asked to talk to him. He was concerned because they asked him if he wanted retarded sauce with his fish stix, and he didn’t think he better eat that without talking to me first.

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@ragingloli is correct. Mayo on fries is delicious!

A corned beef sandwich must have swiss cheese.

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Corned beef. Next thing someone will say chipped beef. Then I’ll call in sick.

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Fries plus mayo equals yummy, a timeless Dutch combo, though I am not sure of its origins.

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I am Dutch. The Dutch come up with wierd food shit, according to Mom, whose parents immigrated to America, from ta Nederlants, just before she was born (7th out of 9.)

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Maybe I’m just odd, but I love trying all sorts of new flavor combos and can’t think of anything that I am adamant about having to have together. I guess if I had one that is a regular go-to it would be a steak with salt and pepper only for seasoning I think it brings out the best flavor. But even that I will sometimes try different seasonings for variety.

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@Dutchess lol, I bought dried beef at the store last week specifically for that. You dont like it?

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Fine. Now I’m traumatized. Thanks @KNOWITALL.

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@Dutchess_III But what don’t you like about it? It’s just white delicious gravy with tiny slices of dried beef over toast? Is it the beef, is it the white gravy, what?

I ordered it in a cafe once and my mom almost killed me haha!

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I ate whatever Mom cooked. They never made us eat, we just did because we were hungry. Except for one meal….that freaking chipped beef in cheese sauce over toast. It was called SOS and dad used to get it in the Navy and he loved it.
The thing is, I LOVE the cheese sauce over baked potatoes, but with the chipped beef it just made me ill. It made me sick just looking at the nasty jar of it at the grocery store.
I don’t know why, but in all those years that was the only thing I balked at eating.
When I was about 12 my dad figured he’d help me out by telling me what SOS stood for…AS I was staring at that slop.
Thanks a lot Dad. He was a brat!

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@Dutchess_III Cheese sauce? Never had that, just the white gravy.

Sounds like fun memories though, your dad sounds awesome…lol

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Now there was the hamburger and gravy SOS that school fed us. IT was awesome!! I loved it.

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I don’t like goopy condiments on my burgers, but I must have lettuce and tomato.

I am with the crowd on the avocados. I often just wash, cut in half around the middle, pop out the pit, and eat it with a spoon.

I used to do honey in my tea, but with the sharp decline in bees, honey has skyrocketed in cost.
I have switched to agave.

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