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Where's a good place to park in Monteray Bay?

Asked by JoshLowensohn (44points) August 24th, 2008 from iPhone

Getting my tourist on and am looking for a good place to house my car for a few hours. The 2 hour meter spots are not good enough and I am trying not to get gouged in some pricey lots.

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I once worked in a company where any employee could send an email to all [5,000] employees by simply addressing his/her email to All. So a guy, whom we’ll call Bob, sent out an email:

To: All
From: Bob
Subject: Help…
I have an appointment in the Houston HP office tomorrow morning. Can somebody please send me directions for how to get from the airport to that office. Thanks.

I replied back:

To: Bob
From: Me
Subject: RE: Help…
Sure, Bob. But please answer this for me and 5,000 others: How many people does it take for Bob to get to work in the morning?

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I’ve never been able to park in Monterey without paying an arm and a leg at a garage.

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Figured this out on my own actually—if you head up towards the houses about 4 blocks off the row there’s unmetered parking without any time limits. Worth the extra 10 minutes of walking :)

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