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Should I keep out of this?

Asked by fjanick (6points) August 24th, 2008

If your friend made an accusation about another person you knew blaming them for something that happened would you write to that person telling them what your friend said or would you keep it to yourself as it is nothing to do with you. Should a friend even drag you into this ?

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That’s difficult situation because if the other person finds out you’ve been telling this other person then they’ll call you an instigator or two faced but then again your helping out your friend. But if its just a rumor your friends spreading then I would just leave this whole situation alone. Cause then it becomes a game of “he said, she said

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Ooo, I’d stay away from that one!

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Tell your friend not to talk to you about this , but rather the person he/she has an issue with as it concerns the two of them, not you!

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Do what wildflower said, and yes, keep out of it.

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@Pnl that’s not being a good friend then, you should atleast listen to your friend and give your friend advice instead of compltley ignoring her, just ignore the situation

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Ok. Agreed.

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Perhaps: listen, then tell friend to sort things out with the person in question and to not make further comments or judgements about it until that’s done.

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Yea, guess you would need to hear what it is before you can suggest path to take…

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Where is #4 to translate this to Linear Algebra?

And no, never triangulate. This is between your friend and his friend (also your friend).

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Not worth the drama

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Let your friend vent, but other wise do not get involved. Trust me, as said above, it’s not worth the drama.

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Definitely stay out of it unless you have direct knowledge (you saw what did or did not happen).

You add nothing, and bystanders get hurt.

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