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What are your favourite cleaning products?

Asked by joeschmo (1396points) April 5th, 2019

Do you have a tip for using a product for something other than it was intended?

Are you eco?

Thank you.

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Organic distilled white vinegar is my favorite. It’s a very safe cleaning product that I use to clean my kitchen counter top. All I have to do is spray, wipe, and dry. I think it’s usually used for salad dressing or fish and chips, so I’d say that I use it for something other than is primarily intended.

For sinks and toilets, I use Bon Ami cleansing powder. It doesn’t scratch and is chlorine free. One time when I used Comet cleanser (which contained chlorine bleach), I accidentally combined it with some other crap I was using, and as I recall, the result was the release of hydrogen sulfide (rotten-egg) gas.

I try to be eco, but for all I know, there could be some room for improvement in my methods.

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In the kitchen, I just use soap and water for most things. Just regular dish detergent on a sponge. I use Comet or Ajax to scrub the stainless steel kitchen sink to make it shiny. Elsewhere in the house, I often use Windex. I use it on the toilet, bathroom floor, bathroom sink, sometimes on the kitchen floor (rinse with water).

Sometimes on the inside of the toilet I use Comet or Ajax or the toilet bowl cleaner that is liquid to go under the rim.

I have some brass handles which need shining and I saw somewhere on the internet, people are recommending the liquid Barkeeper’s Friend. I’m going to get it.

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Baking soda or coarse salt for scrubbing. Lye for serious crud removal. You can still buy 100% lye, it’s just marketed as “drain cleaner” or in spray form as “oven cleaner” It will say 100% lye on the bottle. Yellow cap easy off is essentially spray lye. You do have to be very careful with it, very strong stuff.

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White vinegar, Dawn dish detergent, chlorine bleach.
The worst? CLR.

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Vinegar, Dawn, Murphy’s Oil Soap

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It’s not eco but it is absolutely effective. I use naphtha in a Ronson lighter fluid container to clean of sticky labels or pine sap from metals and glass.

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For: Tubs,showers,shower doors,basins,glazed ceramic tile,sinks,counters,stainless steel,chrome fixtures,fiberglass,vinyl and glazed porcelain surfaces.For all other surfaces do a spot test for hard non porous surfaces. it Disinfects:kills 99.9 %
‘Scrubbing Bubbles” Foam action cleaner. It only takes about a min or two and wipe and/or rinse off. Cleaning is faster and easier.

If any hard cleaning..I purchased a portable steam cleaner ( $129 Canadian) that cleans up and sanitizes everything faster and more efficient.
( Just looks like a kettle with a plug in and a nozzle attaches to the spout and a level is pressed to release and focus the steam to do its work.
I love it!
Have had it for years!
Still works!
it looks like this one ( except its cheaper now)

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Wow, great guys.

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All cleaning products are special purpose and should not be mixed. Some combinations produce a poisonous gas.

A popular mixture is vinegar and baking soda. Each is ok for cleaning, but when they are mixed they neutralize eack other. If the result cleans something it just means you only needed water for that job.

Baking soda is better than a lot of products for cleaning your stove. Make a paste with water and wipe it on your oven window to see how well it works. It might take more than one application, but you don’t have to scrub.

If you have an electric stove, or encrusted baking pans, put the pans in a plastic bag with ammonia, tie it shut, and let it soak overnight.

If you bake a pie you know it’s going to spill so watch for it. Open the door, bury the spill with salt, and keep on baking. When the oven cools, sweep the mess out. If you have one of those self cleaning ovens this will reduce your electric bill because you don’t need that feature.

My favorite cleaning product is a squeegee. It is amazing for taking up pet fur from upholstery and carpets.

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We use 100% alcohol at work. Works great! Not too toxic.

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