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How can I take good pictures with my iPhone ?

Asked by patrickx (34points) August 24th, 2008 from iPhone

the most are moved or not sharp let’s say 1 on 5 is ok . Can you give me tips .

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The camera in the iPhone just isn’t very good. You really won’t get a good picture from it.

You could try something like the PoorMan’s Tripod to get a better result. But the pictures will still suck.

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just hold the iPhone with two hands to keep it stable

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@johnpowell that my iPhone ‘s camera only 2mp has is a fact my ?? Is how to improve the fotos not to to say it is no good the plots mans tripod needs a srew in the camera an iPhone has no srew holes! What a waste of words jp.

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Stupid i-phone, next its going to be the i-rack, and the i-ran then the i-russia

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@patrickx :: The crappy quality of the camera is known.

Well, I was thinking you could be smart enough to wrap the cord around the phone a couple of times so you could hold the phone steady. But I guess you aren’t. I will stop wasting words on you.

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@jp the answer of gliterrrfish makes your sink or do you really think that I will take pictures with a cord woven araund my iPhone ??

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I use the cord method all the time with my Canon. It works well if I don’t have a tripod. And WTF does “makes your sink” mean?

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I wanted some tips for making better pics !

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Lots of light. The small pinhole lens can really put out some great quality photos if there is sufficient light. Since you essentially have a fixed lens you’ll have to rely on composition by balancing the elements in the shot, and using the rule of thirds.

For example, this photo was taken with my iPhone. I only slightly desaturated it.

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It is a shitty camera in a phone. There isn’t really much you can do to get better pics. If you had asked how can I get better pictures with my D40 I could offer help. All you can really do is try to get better lighting and hold the camera as steady as possible.

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I like to hold down the camera button and release for the shot as opposed to just tapping it, because I find that the tap and shake the camera and eff up the shot. Holding and releasing causes less shake.

I agree with Spargett that the iphone camera can do some wonderful things with the right lighting.

the second one has a bit of noise, but it’s still a great photo, I think, especially for a phone.

Of course, JP is right to an extent. You are always better off with a nice DSLR, but in cases where you aren’t carrying your D40, the iphone’s camera is nice to have in your pocket.

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I’m not saying that the camera is bad. Well, it is, but it is OK for what it does. It just sounded like the original person asking this question was expecting amazing results from it. It is like the Flip is great if you want to put a video on youtube. But it is mediocre at best.

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iphone camera isn’t good at all, even my free samsung A707 Sync takes better pictures than the iphones, if you’re serious about camera pictures get something like the nokia N-95 or the upcoming N96 which actually has a larger sensor than these tiny things that take bad pictures except for a quick shot just to get the idea of what’s going on.

otherwise get a cheap camera. Any point and shoot will take better pictures than the best “cameras” in phones, and it will always be that way.

The only suggestion I can say is make sure there is enough light, and hold the phone as steady as you can if you’re worried about blur, other than that you can’t make your pictures “better”.

It is the person behind the camera, not so much the camera itself, but either way.. depending on what you’re taking pictures of, get a cheap point and shoot, no matter the price a real camera will ALWAYS take better pictures than any phone… ALWAYS.

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I find myself taking a lot of pics with the iPhone and here are some things that help me:

1) Try and take pics where there is plenty of diffused lighting. If the light is direct, try and shield the lens with your hand. Always allow the phone a couple of seconds to adjust to the light.

2) To prevent moving around, take a deep breath and hold it. Then rest your elbows against your body to allow the phone to be stationary.

3) If the picture is going to be blurry, try and use “Panning” techniques. E.g. if someone/something is moving, try and move the phone at the same speed—you will be shocked at how good some pictures can turn out this way.

4) Turn off the shutter sound. It always goes off before the picture is taken and whoever is posing for you will think that the picture has been taken and will move. At the very least, it makes people conscious and results in stiff pictures.

5) Snap the picture slightly earlier than you otherwise would because the shutter speed is very slow. This will require some level of predicting what your subject will do but will result in more precisely capturing what you intended to photograph.

6) Say something silly/funny to help people relax, then take a few pics one after the other. This makes for very natural, smiling pictures.

7) Use the picture noise in the camera to your advantage. The camera is crappy and you know it. So, you might as well use the grainy pictures and make them look cool by using different angles and compositions.

Hope these tips help you.

You can find some of my pics here. As you can see, most of the recent ones are taken with an iPhone. I am generally happy with the pics because I know that an iPhone has a very lousy camera. So I try and remember that keep telling myself that I am not trying to capture award winning pictures with it. I am just trying to capture a candid moment with a camera that I happen to have with me. So, I just remember that and disregard whatever people say about picture quality. I find that even a technically inadequate picture carries some ability to bring back memories.

Keep on taking pictures!

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