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What is a good typical broadband upload speed compared to download speeds?

Asked by hosa (186points) April 19th, 2019

Yes I researched this before coming here. God, the internet can be so useless and irrelevant on some subjects. I want to know the typical upload speeds for every download speed. Like 1mbps has ____ mbps upload. I know its typically slower but how much slower?
Im thinking especially about a 4 mbps connection ..

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With one gig download some internet provider have 880 mbps upload with fiber-optic connections. Others it is one gig and 330 mbps!
My connection speed is usually 250 mbps download and 100 mbps up.
AS is often said “your mileage may vary.”

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In Comcast’s territories, the download speed can be high (150, 200, 250, 400 or more) but the upload speeds, in general, are a tiny fraction of that. For example, the offerings in Atlanta all have a maximum of 10mbs up, unless you pay extra.

It’s called “highway robbery”.

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Google “test my internet speed”.


Mbps download


Mbps upload

Latency: 13 ms
Server: Never you mind
Your Internet speed is fast

Your Internet connection should be able to handle multiple devices streaming HD videos at the same time.

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For me:

Download 4.83

Upload .83

This is pretty much what I expected. I am on fiber to a dslam 1500 ft from my home.
I have Frontier for service.

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i have Spectrum Roadrunner.
On average I get:
Download: 38 Mbps
Upload 6.5 Mbps

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