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What is your favorite thing about staying in a motel?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2948points) April 22nd, 2019

Mine is using the pool, I would always get one that has a pool, and I always love relaxing in my air conditioned room, and breakfast in the morning.

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Checking out.

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Depends on the hotel. I have stayed in MANY really bad ones, and some really good ones.

The best hotels have spacious bathrooms, really powerful water pressure in the shower, and tons and tons of hot water.

And real pillows, not those crappy sets of 4–5 little pillows.

And a bed that isn’t too hard or too soft.

And a view.

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I like the fact that hotels are free of clutter and usually have contemporary furnishings.

Also it’s a change of pace. Change from the usual at home routine. Usually if I’m in a hotel, it’s because I’m away for a weekend or longer. Occasionally it’s because there’s a power outage, like here in the winter after a storm. It adds to the fun when we’re away for that, too.

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I’ve stayed in hotels that were so nice I hated to leave. But that’s not how I interpreted the Q

Motel to me means a place where you have a car, and park it within walking distance of your room. In that case same answer.

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Bringing bedbugs home to my own bed!

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