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In this Twilight Zone scenario where present-day white Americans wake up one day owning black slaves again, what do you think will happen?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24956points) April 22nd, 2019 from iPhone

It is as if the South won the Civil War and slavery is the norm, how long do you think it will take for these modern day Americans to free their slaves? Or is there going to be another civil war?

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Instant uprising?

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I agree with @Dutchess_lll . We now have excellent tools for instant nationwide communication. There would be a timed, synchronized revolt.
Think of the “One Settler One Bullet” movement against apartheid in South Africa 30–40 years ago, only this time it would have better coordination.

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It would remain unchanged for decades to come.
You lot can not even agree on universal healthcare.

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I can’t imagine the scenario, even if the South won. The Enlightenment brought about extraordinary changes. It is only in the last few hundred years that slavery has been condemned. Aristotle considered it proper and the Bible did also, giving rules for how people should treat their slaves. For more about this, I highly recommend Steven Pinker’s book, The Better Angels of Our Nature. The times they have a-changed and there is no going back.

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YouTube White Mans Burden trailer

Is an interesting video if race roles are reversed .

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Even with excellent tools for instant nationwide communication, how long do you think it would take the government to shut down ALL forms of communication to squelch any form of timed synchronization to set up a revolt??? Disabling a few cell towers in specific areas will STOP any planned communications. Closing banks could shut off the flow of cash.

I would like to think that with the given scenario, everyone would change the channel; however, the truth is that those so passionately opposed to slavery in our current climate would be just as passionate for keeping their slaves when their position in society depended on the number of slaves they owned.

As far back as I can trace, nobody in my family ever owned a slave as they all chose to work hard in order to obtain what they needed. I was raised with the mindset that only lazy people needed slaves to do their work for them & those willing to work hard could achieve anything they desired. I prefer to think that I would have been part of the underground railroad!!! I think it would take a lot longer than most of us can imagine to treat everyone as humans once again!!!

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We would find ourselves back in the pre-1950’s before an effective cotton picking machine was invented.

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This link is the story of the FIRST slave and how it came about that he became a white mans slave. Previous to that he was an indentured servant serving his time as white people did as well .
The scenario that you propose would not work in present day as today’s values would not tolerate it and thus eradicate the slavery of any person over another. In shorter terms it would place the South 200 years BEHIND the rest of the world who would revolt.

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You would not have today’s values in that scenario.

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…..“where present-day white Americans ”... as stated in your question.
also stated…” as if the South won the Civil War and slavery is the norm”

So if the South won then the rest of the modern world would NOT allow this injustice.

Soon a rescue effort just like in the past the underground railroad did as a result of that injustice on mankind, so then modern day rescuers would provide a rapid transit system to herd them to safety.

In short your question contradicts as its in MODERN Present day and “If” which would cancel out the scenario somewhat as the “Rest of the World” was not considered along with there civilized modern views.

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@Inspired_2write slavery had been around for 200 years before the man in your article was legally declared a slave. He was the first indentured, but free, black man to be declared a slave. How horrifying.

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