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As a child, did you see any movie that was inappropriate for someone your age, and how did it affect you?

Asked by jca2 (5390points) April 26th, 2019

As a child, did you get a chance to see a movie that was inappropriate for someone your age? Inappropriate either due to sexual content or because it was scary, and you really maybe shouldn’t have seen it, but you did. How did it affect you?

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On my 10th birthday my Dad took us to see Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte without having a clue what it was about.

Cleavers still freak me out.

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I watched Eddie Murphy raw when I was in third grade. My vocabulary increased.

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The Exorcist. Traumatized me to the point I can’t sleep in total darkness. And I’m 52. Lol

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I saw a movie when I was very young, maybe 8 years old, that had a guy moon a crowd and some of the content was about rowdy teenagers. I don’t remember the plot well. The only nudity was that guys ass, but it made me uncomfortable. I think a lot of the verbal interaction between the teens went over my head, because I don’t remember any of it.

No long lasting effects, except it did stick with me, because of my discomfort and shock. To this day I think it’s horrible that people used to do that (even if it was just in movies, I don’t know if anyone actually did it in real life).

My first scary movie I think I was 14, and I HATED it. I was there with two other people, and one of them and I walked out about ¾ths of the way through. She suggested it, she was 16, and a little braver about being willing to walk out, I had never walked out on a movie before that. Luckily, I didn’t have lasting nightmares or anything like that, but to this day I remember some of that movie, the goriness. It was not only scary, but very gory. I saw two other scary movies during my teens, because people I was with wanted to watch them. Aside from that only once in a blue moon a scene from one, especially the very well known movies, or 20 minutes, and then I realize I’m watching something scary and I turn it. I do not understand liking scary movies at all.

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I saw “Thunderball” when I was 10, but most of the inappropriate parts (sex puns) went right over my head.

I saw “The Birds” when I was nine. We lived near Bodega Bay at the time and used to go there for Sunday drives. That scared the poo out of me for a long time; I would freak if I saw a flock of birds on a wire.

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I had a tv in my room, so I watched many a naughty film late at night.
And I turned out FINE.

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I never saw any R rated movies when I was a kid, but I saw every episode of Seinfeld before I turned 12. And I also watched South Park. Which caused some problems in middle school when I’d talk about some of the controversial episodes.

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My dad showed me Gremlins when I was too young. I never trusted my stuffed-animals the same way after that—I still don’t.

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My parents let us watch whatever we wanted. I watched Amityville Horror when I was about 8 or 9. My sister and I would go to the movies with our friends and no adults all the time where I watched movies like Reanimator, Evil Dead 2 and many Friday the 13ths. I still love horror movies. And honestly, when your home life is a horror show, the movies are nothing.

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I used to watch the TV show Soap when it first ran. My whole family watched it together. A lot of my friends weren’t allowed to watch it. The show has someone who was gay, a lesbian, people who cheated, a priest who left the priesthood to get married, and some lunacy with alien ships and grown up jokes. I loved it. No nudity or swearing though, it was before cable.

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When I was 12 my Mom freaked out when nudity appeared in The Prime Of Miss Jean Brody while we were at the drive in.

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@JLeslie, I think the butt mooning movie you saw might have been Porky’s:

I watched The Towering Inferno when I was about 10 years old. I already had a great fear of fire, due to the fact that both a house, and a car, burned up on my street. Not at the same time, and completely different owners, buy those incidents traumatized me, although I never told anyone. So during the “big burning scenes” of this movie, me and my little friend who went with me and my folks, excused ourselves to the bathroom. I think it scared her too. That movie was rated PG.

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@Kardamom No, it was before Porky’s. I was a teen when that came out. Stupidest movie ever.

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@JLeslie, hmmm I’m trying to think of another movie that had a butt mooning scene, from back in the mid 70’s.

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