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What are some perfectly normal things that are weird if you really think about it?

Asked by raum (7264points) April 25th, 2019 from iPhone

I guess you could say everything is weird if you think about it.

But what specifically has struck you as being odd?

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I think getting your ears pierced is kind of weird.

Let’s put holes in our ears and shove something shiny in them!

(For the record, I like body modification.)

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I think beef jerky is weird.

Hey! I’ve got a bag full of old dried out animal carcass. Yum!

(For the record, I like beef jerky.)

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Cunnilingus. (For the record…)

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Ties. I mean, why?

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Cheese. “Hey, you know that batch of spoilt milk? Let us eat it!”

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Wine. It’s spoiled grape juice, basically. (If you think about it…)

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Sushi. Raw fish. You don’t eat raw meat but you are eating raw fish? I like sushi though.

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Sausages. “Hey, that part of the animal that is usually filled with shit, let us fill it with meat, and eat it!”

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Commercial flights without parachutes as standard.

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Childbirth. Wait, A kid comes out of there? And there’s blood and bodily fluids and pain? Really?
It’s 2019! Surely we can come up with a better way by now!

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Milk, why in the hell are people drinking such a thing…and from cows, gross. You would think human milk would be less gross but nope. Loli beat me to it but we them let it get congealed and moldy and eat it? WTF.

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Lawns actually make sense provided it’s not a postage stamp lot.

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Capital punishment. If killing is immoral then so is killing the killer.
What many people regard as normal is not really normal.

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Keeping birds in tiny cages for our amusement.

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The universal prevalence of eating children.

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Individuals driving in cars in cities to get around. Weirdest thing ever.

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I mean, imagine having your buttered scones brought to your bedside & then have him buff your brogues so you could see your face in them…mad stuff.

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Performative verbs that make sentences true by virtue of having been said. I declare this to be a bit strange.

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Male nipples. They don’t do anything! And yet we’d look very strange without them.

Saying “bless you” when someone sneezes. Why should we bless someone because they’ve sneezed? And why should we comment on someone else’s bodily function at all?

Halloween. All holidays have some weirdness to them, but this one takes the cake. Kids in scary costumes asking for candy? I’m pretty sure this is weird in any culture.

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The fact that we pee through our sex organs.

I can’t think of any way it could be different, however..

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@hmmmmmm we say “Bless you” because during mideval(sp) times sneezing could very well be the precusor to some deadly plague. So Bless You was supposed to be a magic spell to ward off the plague.

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@Yellowdog Women don’t. They are just in close proximity.

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