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Where do you suppose they go when they go?

Asked by josie (30485points) April 27th, 2019

It is interesting to come across an old thread, or look at old PMs, and click on the avatars and see the huge number of people who are gone or stopped visiting.
I sort of miss some of them.
Where do they all go?

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The Fluther graveyard.

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Some graduate university or high school, and lose access to the computer lab. Others die, or get banned.

In legend it is rumored that they find some rare thing as to “get a life”. No idea what that is? Might be related to this “Outdoors” that I here sometimes.

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Some may have gone, but came back as a new, differently named, Jelly.
I also wonder about some what may have become of them.

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I’ve often thought about the possibility of several of us actually being in jail—thus the time to waste here. Upon release or escape, they go on to more productive uses of their time.

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The Fluther mansion dungeons.

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The only communications equipment I got in jail was a cell phone. ;-)

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They disappear up their own arseholes

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They go somewhere with more like-minded people I assume.

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Life has so much to offer. Many people realize this and decide to curb their use of social networking.

If you are one who enjoys antagonizing others then go with @ucme‘s response.

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Somewhere over the rainbow.

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Some have been banned. Some have died. Some got fed up, and go to other Q&A sites. Some stop spending so much time on social media, and more time in real life.

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It’s sad when we know they die, but I feel like it’s equally sad when they have been around a long time and they just disappear, and we have no idea what happened. Are they dead? Are they in jail? Are they in a nursing home? Is it just that they’re done for some other reason? That’s why it’s nice to be friends on FB with the ones we care about, because then we’ll have a way of keeping in touch off of Fluther, and knowing how they’re doing.

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Sometimes you just need a break, sometimes life makes you take a break whether you want to or not.

”...not with a bang but a whimper.”

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Just got tired of the bitchyness that Fluther can be.

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