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Is Trump using Woods and his Presidency for personal business?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26676points) May 7th, 2019 from iPhone

A Presidential Medal of Freedom for Woods. For what? Winning a golf game?

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Remember that Woods and Trump were business partners, developing a golf course together. This is about giving an award to a business partner. Not a golf game.

Remember, too, that Woods screwed around on his wife, temporarily abandoned his kids, and was caught driving around on drugs. He is just the kind of guy Trump admires.

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Also remember the partnership when Trump invites Woods down to Mar-a-Lago for a autograph signing (maybe $100 per signature).

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I’m glad I’m not the only one to question what the man did to earn that medal. I figured it was probably because he’s black and not even a slave—he’s a free black man. Holy smokes.

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I, not having heard the story, was about to make a joke answer about it being Tiger Woods.

But then I realized it was Tiger Woods… only in MOFO America… er, MAGA America (even worse).

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I don’t think Trump needs the money.

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Not sure where trump needing money came in @Yellowdog…?

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How about the question, “Is Trump using Woods and his Presidency for personal business?”

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He could be doing it for things other than monetary gain. Could be it makes him feel like an important, macho stud to be around the likes of other sluts like himself.

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Trump will able to invite Woods to Trump Tower Ukraine and collect at the front door.
Trump is ONLY in it for the money ! Then he declares bankruptcy and runs with the money. Oh he in the Ukraine with Putin no Income taxes for USA.

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The problem with money-mongers is that even when they have far more money than anyone needs, they still focus on making as much money as they can figure out how, regardless of ethical considerations…

If all such crazy people and corporations were stopped from their excessive fixation on maximizing profits while ignoring the effects on the environment and everyone and everything else, most of the world’s problems might be solved…

Instead, we allow this kind of obsession to run most of our most powerful organizations.

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