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When you use a recipe, is it more of a guidelines and suggestions thing, or do you follow it to the letter?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) May 7th, 2019

The first time cook using a new recipe I’ll follow it pretty close, but subsequent cookings I start adding my own touch.

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With baking, I follow the basic ingredients to the letter, because baking is like chemistry. So flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, sugar, etc. I will be precise. Maybe something like if it has nuts or raisins, I’ll eye it or throw in some extra, depending on what I like.

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To the letter. Each time. I’m not a cook, so I’m afraid to experiment.

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I started my banana bread with a recipe from 1945. I quickly modified it to add one more banana than it calls for and also, vanilla. I also only use bananas that I threw in the freezer when they started getting over ripe.

I switched up a bread recipe and use beer instead of water or milk. I do measure my yeast, but I just pour honey in till I’m satisfied. I also use 2 eggs instead of 1. When I was growing up this German lady, who was a friend of my mom’s, used to send over this home made bread that was to die for. About a year ago I reconnected with her daughter and I asked her if she knew the secret to her mom’s bread. She said it was probably eggs. She always added more eggs to everything.

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I follow the instructions. After I have some experience with the recipe, I tend to modify some things. Sometimes I rewrite the recipe the way I can do it so I can follow that, because it helps me to have the steps written in order (to not forget things, do things at not the best time, etc).

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My mom however is a great cook and she usually just takes all recipes as suggestions or inspiration, measures almost nothing, uses the ingredients she has on hand, experiments, etc.

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Same as you, first time or two, by the book, after that I add or subtract as needed.

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Sometimes I will use liquor in addition to, or instead of, vanilla extract.

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What kind of liquor, @jca2? Like Boonsfarm or Jack? Or rum? Or vodka? Oh, I know! Everclear!

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Like a brandy or if it’s something citrusy, then Cointreau.

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With baking, I always follow the recipe, because the time, temp, and ingredients will work, or not work, if you change it up. I still fail with baking, and don’t enjoy it as much as other cooking.

I have 2 friends who are master bakers and I let them do the baking, although I like to be the sous chef, and/or watch the magic.

When doing other cooking, I start with a recipe, then improvise as I need to, or switch up ingredients when I feel like it. My results are usually positive.

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Cooking it’s a guideline. Baking sweets about ¾ of the time to the letter, but ¼ of the time I reduce fat or cholesterol.

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I use All Recipes for about 99 % of what I make. In those cases, I read the reviews and adjust based on recommendations that make sense or fit our tastes. If it is a family recipe, I stick to it.

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I almost never follow a recipe closely, and that works fine most of the time.
But that is also why I am a lousy baker, “more-or-less” doesn’t work with baking apparently.

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