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Is joking about being attacked sick, or funny?

Asked by DispossessedX10 (59points) May 13th, 2019

In this scenario, ‘Jake’ tells ‘Anna’ that her husband ‘Peter’ has just been mugged, causing an already stressed woman to start panicking. However, it turns out they were only joking causing ‘Anna’ to brand them ‘sick’ which is understandable. But according to Peter, Anna is in the wrong for ‘overreacting’ and as I quote, he said “You have been in a mood all day” which is highly irrelevant because why would you purposely upset someone who is already in a mood?

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ANYTHING can be a great joke or deeply offensive to someone somewhere some time.

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Did you read the entire post? I really should have put ‘What do you think of this scenario?

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What do I think? I think Peter is insensitive and rather oafish. But the point is that both Jake and Peter found the prank amusing at her expense. Maybe Peter would get the point if the next time the 3 of them are together Anna complains to Jake about Peter’s tiny dick. Anna & Jake could then have the laugh as well as the majority.

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I can see both sides.

Some men grow up to an age they should stop acting like children quite so much. Especially with their wives. I’m married to one of those men and have to remind him not to treat me like one of the guys sometimes, like filthy jokes or body fluid jokes, etc…. He doesn’t really get it.

Scenario: I’m watching a movie with him, he gets up to get an iced tea and I see his bare buttocks walking past me to the kitchen as he intentionally moons me.

Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes I wish I had a grown up husband.
(PS, we are both over 40 yrs old)

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To be fair that is not comparible especially since Anna has felt like ‘breaking’ down and would Peter find it funny if Anna joked about being raped? Peter is the sort of guy to tell his son or daughter that they look like tramps or stink, within public earshot.
The sad thing is that Peter is in his 70s.

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70s???!!! Abandon any hope. Are they newlyweds? If not, apparently Anna has adapted to it, though it clearly upsets you.

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It’s not a funny prank at all whatever Anna’s mood was all day.

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It depends. Like a guy who brings a knife to a gun fight.

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@DispossessedX10 Well no one knows a married relationship except the two in it, so it’s pretty hard to judge another marriages intimate relationship vs a sense of humor. If he knew she was in a mood, he knew the risks…it’s a gamble.

Although my husband would say, I was trying to help you lighten up babe, I knew you had a rough day and needed a laugh. Depends on how it hits you and timing.

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There is nothing wrong with attempting to cheer someone up but saying “Your husband needs you! Quick, he has just been mugged’ is hardly a means to cheer someone up. There is gambling then there is sheer ignorance and stupidity.

The phrase ‘Never cry wolf’ springs to mind.

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Immature and insensitive.
Would he like it if you joked about divorcing him?
Believe it or not this IS grounds for divorce , and depends if ongoing behavior?

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To me, it sounds immature. I don’t think my 11 year old would find that funny, so it’s very childish. However, to each his own.

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