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Are smart cars able to react properly when in an accident?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16196points) May 14th, 2019

Like would it remain at the scene and call police and exchange info? Also would it become imposable to deliberately commit a crime on auto-drive? Like running down an ex-boyfriend?

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Smart cars aren’t sentient, only very technological in a dumb sort of way.

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I like the ex boyfriend reference. That made me laugh.
I wonder if they have any features like automatic fire extinguisher, or verbal crowd control. “please step back until emergency responders arrive” or “The guy in this car is filthy rich. Save him first.”

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When people accept he language and concept that cars are smart, it guarantees
a world of problems and discussions that go nowhere.

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Yes and they will also be able to perform first aid.

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Actually, programming the cars means making decisions about who is more important to protect. Let’s say an accident is unavoidable, and you can either swerve and crash into head-on traffic, crash hard into traffic in front of you, or swerve another direction and hit a pedestrian, the choice has to be programmed. Is the passenger in the car the primary person to be protected? If so, then harming the pedestrian would probably be the decision, but I think most people agree driving into traffic ahead of you would be the best moral decision.

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If my smart car hits an empty vehicle, it knows what to do. Leave a note on the windshield of the other vehicle, to make others think we left insurance information… Then peel out…

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Heh heh heh, mudderfubber. ^^
Form letters preprinted.

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