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Why do some Flutherites post "I wasted a lot of time in Fluther", when they've been contributing good/great posts?

Asked by flo (12901points) May 22nd, 2019

Not exact quote but something close. It may be fact about some but not all of the ones who’ve made that statement. So what’s the answer? And how about stopping doing that? How does that help Fluther? It doesn’t.

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Time enjoyed wasting isn’t wasted time.

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One of the many cliches that frequently rear their heads, that’s all.

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We aren’t really changing lives or opinions here, so it is a waste of time really. I’d be interested in how some perceive it as productive tbh.

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@RedDeerGuy1 “I enjoyed my time in Fluther” is fine since you can enjoy informing and being informed just like some people enjoy thir jobs. But I wasted time?

@KNOWITALL Does it have to be life changing level? It’s a rare thing that someone changes another’s life. Do you have to have changed opinions? And how do you know that you (or some of the ones who posted that) didn’t? Is it just because no one posted ”...changed my opinion” ? How often does that happen that happen? Sometimes things don’t click in our heads until long after the conversation. Just because they didn’t express that your answer helped them, it doesn’t mean it didn’t.

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@ucme But it’s like saying Fluther is not a worthwhile place for finding answers (contributing to the number of well informed people) . So, it’s important to not say that. The only thing is if someone tells someone “you’ll find the answer to that question on Fluther” and then they end up not it because it’s moderated for writing standards

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…I mean “they end up not finding it because it’s moderated for writing standards

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If you contribute helpful answers or receive helpful answers then sure, it’s not a waste of time. If you are only here to answer questions you have no knowledge of or only answer with jokes then it does seem to be a waste of time, but hey, it’s not my life that’s being wasted doing that. To each their own.

@KNOWITALL believe it or not, I agree with you. =)

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I have learned a lot about different types of people. I’ve gotten help with some issues, as well. It gives me different view points, on a wide variety of subjects. Sometimes, it simply amuses me.

If someone is incapable of gleaning ANYTHING, from Fluther, that may be a personal problem.

There’s also a sense of community. Regardless of our differences, we mostly seem to care about one another, and offer advice if possible.

Doesn’t seem like a waste , to me…

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Because some of us are fluthering when we could be doing something productive to attain goals we have, or to spend time with family or friends, or clean our houses, or look for a job. Fluther can be a way to procrastinate doing other things we should be doing in real life.

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@MrGrimm888 Okay, there is that, I have met some interesting people that make me appreciate ever hearing about this site. So in that aspect, caring about people is never a waste of time.

@Stache I hope I just didn’t blow our first ‘agreement’ What’s so interesting here is that we all know where each other stands on political issues and other things, but we don’t get to delve too much into personality or actual face to face chemistry, etc… Perhaps we’d like each better if this were RL f2f.

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@flo Bless the tiny toes of anyone who seeks & finds help on any particular issue here, but Fluther is actually fairly open to comedy, sarcasm & self deprecation too.
Hard for those who take the site & themselves way too seriously to believe i’m sure but hey…check out the pesky numbers affixed to my little name :D

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@JLeslie‘s feeling are exactly mine.

Not blaming anybody but myself for my procrastination and failure to do stuff due to killing time on the internet with Facebook and Fluther, among other sites (“the gram,” Pinterest, etc.).

I was on here previously (similar name to the one I have now) and took a break of about a year. This time around I’m taking more of a step back regarding arguing with people and getting upset over people’s crap. There are also less Jellies now, so things are slower. There have been some recent questions that have gotten a lot of responses, but for the most part, most questions only get a few answers (5 to 10 responses), I’ve noticed.

It’s sad because Fluther is a fun site and I think it can be useful for people to have a sounding board when users are looking for opinions or advice.

I’m sure there are a lot of similar sites (Reddit for one, which I don’t use). On FB, there’s a group called “Social Q’s” which is for etiquette questions and social situations.

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@KNOWITALL Yes, opinions and lives have been changed by this site. I know a jelly who hasn’t come around for a very long time who was homophobic. She engaged civilly with a LGBTQ jelly on here, and she changed to an LGBTQ ally. I am friends with her on another site where I often see her say things that advance the cause of LGBTQ equality.

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Even when we’re not posting anything we learn from just reading the Q&As. So it’s not wasted time. Besides when you’re searching for reliable answers on the internet (which includes Fluther) isn’t it in your interest to not waste time on it and have the info ready in your head in case we need it in the future?

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@flo: If my feelings are that being on the internet is a waste of time (over doing stuff around the house or reading books or whatever), then those are my feelings.

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Because whether it helps fluther or not is immaterial to the argument that fluther is a waste of its participants’ time.

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Even when we don’t feel or think we’re learning, we probably are as long as all our senses are in order. The question is whether we apply or how we apply the knowledge.

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Bless your innocent heart.

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It was a GA…

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@MrGrimm888 Which one by the way?
Maybe you’re the childhhod educator in Fluther I’m not sure. But maybe you can help explain when you ask chidren “What did you do today?” Do you not mostly get “We palyed…, and….” But havent they been learning all day, including what not to do/say etc.?

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I liked your response right before Stanley’s…

I’m certainly no childhood educator, though I have taught many things to my nieces and nephews.

It’s about application of learned knowledge. A child may not be able to explain “what they learned today.” But it may have a great effect on their lives going forward. They might more accurately that answer what they learned, years, or decades later.

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@MrGrimm888 Exactly. Even us adults, we’re learning the all the time. “Ok, I’ll never do that. (walk into street without looking, while talking on the phone etc. which I’ve been doing” (just after we see someone get hit by a car doing just that) What is it they say about having the presence of mind…

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Well. Situational awareness is down across the board, because of cell phones…

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No question.
I meant we’re subconciuosly learning not to cross street while doing xyz

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