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Do you think Jeopardy has paid off James Holzauer so that he will go away?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28001points) June 3rd, 2019

See spoiler

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It kind of sounds like he lost on purpose.

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He was good publicity for the show. Purposely getting rid of her would be counter productive.

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It wouldn’t surprise me.

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What is…no, I don’t think he was paid.

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Maybe he was just over it.

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I wouldn’t be shocked. He could have been headed for 3M .

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I don’t think so. If it ever got out that he was bought to take a dive, you’d never hear the end of it. Maybe he got bored and wanted to go home and do something else.
I remember a guy I met once (Arizona Slim) who was a big gambler at many things: cards, pool, name it. Maybe this guy is the same.

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I don’t think they’d dare. it would be the end of the show if it were discovered. He certainly wasn’t playing his A game. They shoot 5 games per day. Was he exhausted?

Or maybe…. an engineer slipped something into his buzzer to slow it down by 3 milliseconds. ~

He certainly is a smart boy! His performance on this show will bring him job offers from all over the world.

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I was bewildered by his loss last night, and thought it was odd, but I don’t think he was paid off. My only thought, based on his untypically small wager at the end, was that he had gotten bored with not having a real challenge night after night, but, when faced with a worthy opponent, he decided it was a good time to lay down and be done with it.

I will say that it was the strong effort of both other players that brought him down, as the third player answered enough high end questions to keep him from getting that money, kind of like some people think Ralph Nader took votes away from Al Gore back when.

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I read a good analysis. It said that he didn’t throw it, but because he was behind at final jeopardy he made a betting decision. He figured the other woman would bet enough that if he doubled his bet he would still lose, so he bet just enough to go above the third place finisher, and was betting that she would lose. She didn’t, he lost, and that’s that. He’s a gambler and he played the cards.

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