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If things change in your skin or body go see a DOCTOR !

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Some conditions that can lead to a red or brown discoloration under your nails include the following: A splinter hemorrhage. This vertical red or brown line under the nail can be caused by an injury, fungal infection, or nail psoriasis, or can be a sign of a heart condition.
link:Is red discoloration under fingernails serious? | Nail Disorders…

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Cherry red fingernail beds are a sign of serious CO poisoning.

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Nail changes are actually some of the last things to show up for health conditions. Odds are you’ll know way ahead of time something is wrong before things like terrys nails, clubbed nails or red lunula show up. Sudden changes there warrant a trip to the doc.

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Sometimes if people are smokers, their fingers will be brown.

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@inspiredtowrite Sorry, but I would not quote Dr. Oz for anything. Per Health News Reviews, after reviewing Dr. Oz advice, they found that his show only occasionally followed evidence based guide lines. He has been brought up before congress for pushing a different diet pill a day.

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Ok. I suppose tiny amount at a time re. the CO poisoning. What’s a good site for more on that @LuckyGuy

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@flo Emergency Room is a good site !

They can check CO level and O2 at the same time.

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