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What do you think about people paying super high prices for pets?

Asked by Harper1234 (824points) June 5th, 2019

My son just put out $600 for an English pointer puppy and i think that is ridiculous….I would never do that but many do. What do you think?

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That is not super high, many years ago we bought a dog that was AKC Champion lines for $250 (1976 today dollars about $1200 now)
There was a dog, one of my friend’s son bought, that was $3500 this past March.

Personally now we adopt rescues.

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Their money. They can spend it any way they want.

Look at the people who spend $250,000 on a car. Or $500 on hairdresser.

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That’s not high for a purebred dog.

If someone acquires a pet responsibly, and cares for it well, I think that’s their business. The level of judgement around this issue is ridiculous.

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It’s not something that I would do!!! However, it’s the ONLY thing my brother & SIL will do. I get ALL my fur babies from a local rescue & they run about $55. I’m of the opinion that rescues know that you’ve saved them & they are very thankful & they make excellent companions!!!

My bro & SIL will ONLY get an $800 5 pound Yorkie that yaps 24/7. Yes, they are cute little things; but, they stay sick & at the vet. They have to be walked about every hour. They die about every 4–5 years. They have a ton of food allergies & I wouldn’t give the $55 adoption fee for any one they’ve had!!!

My rescues are Black Labs. The male is 12 & the female is 11. They seldom bark unless they feel that I’m in danger & even then I don’t think they would attack anyone.

At the same time, I wouldn’t say your son nor my brother are wrong for spending a lot for their animals. It’s just something that I wouldn’t do as I don’t see the benefit!!!

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To each his own but I am of the kind to adopt a dog…makes me feel like I have done something good for the world. Also he named his dog “Rigsby” and that name is def NOT for me!

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@Harper1234 Just call the puppy “Eleanor” and say its her first name.

My ex paid $1,200 for a purebred Maltese, that ended up with heart defects from inbreeding. The whole episode was idiotic, an did nothing but get the kids upset.

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I have had a bunch of pets over the years, some bought from breeders, some saved from shelters, I always vet the breeders, so I don’t get a pet with the kind of problems that @zenvelo’s ex had. The ones that I rescued were no better as pets than the ones bought from breeders.
I am more concerned with the attitude that leads people to dump their dogs and cats, than the self-congratulatory folks who slam how others make their decisions.

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Like others said it’s their money so their business ,personally I prefer a rescue animal.

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Eh, it’s not coming out of my pocket, so I don’t care. I do wish more people would adopt, but that’s human nature. Some folks have to have the shiny fashion label.

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And if you want a specific breed, there are usually rescue sites that mainly rescue certain breeds.

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This one time, I’m agreeing with @SQUEEKY2 and @Darth_Algar. haha!

On this issue I simply cannot fathom someone ‘needing’ a specific dog breed when so many die in shelters every day. Just my opinion.

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I don’t get it either. To pay money for another dependent has never appealed to my list of preferences.

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One of the Yorkies that my bro bought had been a breeder pup that had NEVER stepped foot on grass, had only ever been in a cage, & hadn’t been handled until they bought her. She had definite mental problems from the ordeal & they were constantly making fun of her due to her reaction to what they considered “normal” things. She was the closest that they ever came to a rescue & they didn’t buy her just to save her. The breeder was going out of business & she was the ONLY dog left. I always felt sorry for her. She died when she was only 4.

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Does not seem that much to me.
It is only twice the cost of a single artificial insemination attempt, and compared to a child, you save on food, clothing, toys, furniture, education, and health insurance.
The dog will also be consistently obedient, love you more, it will die a lot earlier, and no one will look at you disapprovingly if you decide to euthanise it at the end of its life span, or if it does a whoopsie.

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@ragingloli: “It is only twice the cost of a single artificial insemination attempt”

Look at you with your reasonable healthcare system. My understanding is that a single IVF attempt is close to $15,000 here in the US.

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Well, I got that number from here
It was the first google result, so do not hold me to its accuracy.

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I know a couple who paid $15K 30 years ago; so, I’m pretty sure that it’s a minimum of $15,000 now days. That link must be pulling the old bait & switch routine!!!

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Either way, paying 600 for a dog is pocket change in comparison.

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A lot cheaper than having a kid, I would think the states should almost do it for free because the wealthy need more wage slaves as they grow up.

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I’m a big supporter of animal rescue and I feel bad for all the dogs and cats that are suffering in terrible conditions, either in bad homes or strays or in animal shelters.

I realize some people pay for specific breeds because they want the traits or the appearance or whatever. To each his own, it’s their money so they can spend it how they want to. I still feel bad.

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My wedding gift to my wife was an $800 Yorkshire terrier. We are not wealthy either, it was a chunk of change. We also have a pure bread chihuahua that she paid near that much for and has been a loyal companion for fifteen years now. If you asked me it’s worth it. People pay $1000 for a freaking phone they’ll only keep a year these days so… That said, if I had my choice I’m getting a rescue mutt because that’s just how I roll.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Wow, I like the way you think, my husband should take anniversary notes. :) (rescue only)

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My only problem would be if they’re spending a ton on an exotic animal that shouldn’t be a pet.

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I paid £350 for our Border Collie Buddy, a not unreasonable sum.

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Purchases to stimulate the economy ensure capitalism’s survival. Arf!

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It’s absurd unless you plan to show them. I have never paid a dime for a dog. We got them to be members of our family, not to show off or brag about (although I’ve done my share of bragging about them! We wind up with the coolest pets.)

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