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How can heaven be considered a "good" place (see details)?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45468points) June 9th, 2019

A friend just posted a meme that reads:

“How can heaven and hell coexist? How can any sane and loving human be happy in heaven knowing that millions of people, innocent or not, are being tortured for eternity? This heaven is a place void of empathy, an asylum for psychopaths. How is this heaven good?”

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There seems to be two very different questions here: (1) “how can Heaven be considered a good place?” and (2) “how can Heaven coexist with this particular conception of Hell?” But the second question assumes a lot. For one, Heaven existing does not entail that Hell exists. So maybe there is a Heaven but no Hell. For another, maybe Hell—if it exists—isn’t a place of eternal torture. And lastly, being happy is not the same as thinking that everything is perfect. We live on a planet where terrible things happen all over and all of the time, yet we do not think that someone being happy immediately entails that they are indifferent to the suffering of others. So it also does not follow that being happy in Heaven necessarily entails some sort of callous psychopathy.

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Because God said it was and I believe Him.

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So it’s what ever we want to believe it is @SavoirFaire? I have noticed that there are as many different facets of God as there are people.

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@Harper123, in the The Apocalypse of Peter he writes that in heaven~
People have pure milky white skin, curly hair, and are generally beautiful
The earth blooms with everlasting flowers and spices
People wear shiny clothes made of light, like the angels
Everyone sings in choral prayer.

Lord. No beer? No Netflix?!

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Yeah,^^^ What if I can’t stand Gardening, or harp music?

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Forced Eugenics and Mind Control. Sounds like paradise, alright.

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The whole logic of a Heaven, is flawed. Different people like different things. I would want super cold unlimited beer, lots of bisexual hot girls, the ability to fly, to see my loved ones at my whim, endless rivers to canoe, all kinds of stuff. Or it wouldn’t be Heaven… Others might hate what I like, making it Hell to them…

The concept reminds me of world happiness. It cannot be found. For instance, I want my team to win on game day. But for that to happen, the other team has to lose. So half of the people watching the game will be happy, and half will be upset.

A perfect day, perfect meal, perfect anything, is going to be different from person to person.

Same with Hell. There are people who might find some things more tolerable, than others. There are people on the Internet, who like to have their balls squashed!

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If a person believes in fairy tales, all things can come true.

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@Dutchess_III “So it’s what ever we want to believe it is”

More like it’s probably not what any of us believe it is. Every account of the afterlife is a human description. But why should we expect the afterlife—if it exists—to conform to human expectations? If someone says “this is what Heaven is like, and this is what Hell is like,” then it makes sense to question whether the description makes sense. But if someone asks “how could this conception of Heaven be true at the same time as this contradictory conception of Hell?” then the best answer is probably something like “they can’t both be true, so maybe one or both of those conceptions is incorrect.”

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As for your first question, how can anyone be happy in heaven knowing about the people in hell: they can’t. They think they can, but they’re wrong.

They think too little of themselves, and/or they have stunted imaginations. They think they will look on in approval as we’re all flung, screaming, into the flames. No. Rather, they will feel the heat, and remember some time in their own lives when they accidentally touched a hot stove top, or spilled some boiling soup on themselves, they’ll remember the horrible, astonishing pain. They’ll hear us shrieking in unimaginable agony, and smell our burning flesh. Except for the clinically psychopathic among them, they will begin falling to their knees, throwing themselves at God’s feet, begging him to stop this monstrosity, to let everyone out, to find some other way to deal with sin.

Why? Because they’re human beings, and human beings are good, in general, sometimes in spite of themselves. Their goodness will overpower them on Judgment Day. Have compassion for those who imagine you burning in Hell. Their nightmares are driven by self-loathing.

Peace and luck

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Or…we have nothing after death to either look forward to, or to fear.

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You might not have anything to look forward to after death but I sure do.

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That’s fine.

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Maybe the concept of heaven and hell were simply created in order to control people?

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To make them tow the line type thing?^^^^ I can see that.

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Yes, exactly.

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Of course they were @nerdgirl578.

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If there is a Heaven, it’s obviously not a place, but a dimension.
And it’s quite possible that there’s no such thing as “good” or “bad”

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