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For how much can I sell my TV?

Asked by DispossessedX10 (59points) June 9th, 2019

If my brand new tv was 1287 at the time of purchase, how much would it sell? Especially if it has recently been fixed?

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Maybe $500 IF you don’t tell them that it’s been recently fixed. TV’s are now considered disposable items & have minimal value anymore. No offense intended…before I’d pay $1,000 for a used TV, I’d spend $2,000+ for a brand new 4K top of the line set.

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It wasn’t used when I purchased it from a ebay seller but after a year, it began to have strange pale colored lines along with a thick black line on one side of the screen. The good news is that it is still within its 5 year warranty but the bad news from what I heard, is that they will most likely replace it with a tv that is a massive step down in comparison to my current TV.

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You can in theory use eBay sales history to get an idea if your brand of TV is being sold on eBay and for how much.

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It is a year old, it is 55 inch and it is a high range TV from Sony.

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If it is Bravia $600 to $850. But don’t accept return from buyer.

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The issue (problem) is that you can walk into any Best Buy or any Costco and get a darned good BRAND NEW TV for $599. Same size. But without the history of being at the repair shop and having previous owners.

I think you will be lucky to get $250.

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