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What would be so bad about the US losing its supremacy in the world?

Asked by SaganRitual (2067points) June 11th, 2019

What bad things would happen if some other currency became stronger than the dollar? Would it be bad for everyone, or only for Americans, while lifting up people in other parts of the world?

What bad things would happen if we scaled back our military and played nice with the other countries as peers and equals?

In general, why do so many Americans, even those on the left, view the end of US supremacy as a bad thing? I mean, if the US is losing supremacy by declining, then the problem is the decline, not the loss of supremacy. But it seems like the loss of US supremacy per se is a cause for great concern, even fear. Why?

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What loss of the dollar as the world currency would mean is the rather immediate calling in of our debt. Even the gradual reduction in the dollar’s primacy would eliminate our ability to print money at will. Ask yourself what your net worth might be if you are unable to determine it in dollars? What happens when no one wants dollars in payment for goods and services? What happens when a Canadian quarter is worth 5 or ten thousand American dollars?

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Good question. I think it’s mostly about conditioned thinking.

Xenophobia, egocentrism, fear, and media programming.

The fear part is complex. There’s fear of danger, and of change, and of the ways of little-understood foreigners, and of economic problems. When in the current system, so many people are struggling to make ends meet, in a system which offers few safety nets and mountains of shame for those who don’t “make it”, reduced economic prosperity seems like a grave threat. We also have some real and complex dependencies built into our systems, and little or no plans for what to do if and when those break down.

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I think the big fear is being vulnerable to nations that we feel are destructive to the US and to the world. Our power meant we sort of were policing the world, and we were an influence on promoting the belief that democracy and capitalism were good. The US has a lot of resources, and if we lose military or economic strength, we won’t have the same negotiating power. At the extreme, crazy leaders might try to take us over, but I don’t think people are extremely worried about that. A significant part of our country is worried about socialism and communism, and we previously in history were the big fighters against communism, trying to keep it in check in parts of the world, and concerned about the domino theory that it could spread. Because of our history we are a targets. I think, we won’t be ignored by countries that want more power, while countries that have stayed fairly neutral, or never had much economic or military power, are possibly overlooked..

In my circles I mostly hear people worried about the US losing economic stability, losing respect, and more people in the US winding up living in poverty, unsafely, not having access to healthcare, and just a basic decline of the country. I don’t hear people obsessing about whether we are considered number one in the world. I think it is inevitable that as time moves on as the world becomes more peaceful (which is actually the overall trend) and as technology moves forward, there will likely be more leveling of wealth and economic strength around the world, although, it might get worse before it gets better. I just hope the suffering isn’t too devastating. If all countries are doing well, meaning the citizenry is doing well, then no one needs to be in more power.

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Other countries would not respect us and would walk all over us.

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Then maybe the world would blame some one else for a change. Blame China, Canada ect.

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I’d really rather see the US flawed as it is supporting people who want to try and practice democracy rather than having their countries run by dictators.

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It’s how the increasing moronic element in your population perceive that “supremacy”
That is the problem.

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There are some, who want America to be able to practically dictate their positions, and bend other governments to the US’s will. The projection of power that the US participates in, keeps many things better for trade, and influence in almost all matters concerning the international community.

The US has all those aircraft carriers, for a reason. Same with bases around the world.

I personally think that the US would still be very “powerful,” without so much military presence around the world. Militaries, should be for defense of the homeland, mainly. I would be a fan of pulling most of our presence out of most foreign places. In large part because the US has no right, to play world police. In part, because we’re very selective/inconsistent, or bad at it…

The US gas geographical advantages, that almost no other country has. There is absolutely no threat, of a foreign military/enemy putting boots on actual US soil. And that is a great reason to show a more relaxed position.

Our biggest concern is Russia deciding to invade parts of Western Europe. But… That should really be up to those European nations, as far as building up a deterrence against Russia. If the US gave a timeline for leaving completely, the former NATO countries would be forced/wise to put their own resources into the issue. They could do it. Even if that meant selling off some of the US equipment currently there, to help them have time to bulk up their militaries, and form whatever alliances they feel would protect them the most.

US forces in South Korea, could be pulled as well. Let Japan help SK. North Korea doesn’t have the resources to really take any land. They have an old military, and very little oil, or needed supplies for a prolonged war. With US forces gone, tensions may ease up a bit even…

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Because China and Russia are next in line. Last I checked we don’t run protesters over with tanks or disappear them. (And many other examples) I don’t want to live in that world so even if the the USA does things I’m not sometimes proud of I’m glad the US still has a significant hold of power.

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