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What does Ben Shapiro say that liberals (and /or others) find incorrect or worse?

Asked by flo (12078points) 1 week ago

I mean I guess he’s in the same vicinity as Rush Libaugh or Hannity? I don’t know. What unique (or close) position that he holds that stands out? For example Alex Jones’ (eventhough he is not similar to Rush Limbaugh or Hannity) position is “Sandy Hooks is a hoax.”

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I’ve heard his name, but knew nothing about him until just now. On Wikipedia, I threw a couple of random darts and found these:

- He has recently written a book with the phrase “moral purpose” in the title (read: no facts, only opinion). Worse, he ascribes moral purpose to “The West” as though to anthropomorphize it. So, this book is incorrect or worse, starting from the title itself.

- In 2015, Shapiro appeared on a show, Dr Drew on Call, alongside trans-woman Zoey Tur, then repeatedly referred to Zoey using male pronouns. That’s incorrect or worse.

- It seems that he enjoys exposing what he calls “the hypocrisy of the left”. If this had been the first thing I had found, I would have stopped here. I don’t understand why people expect a group to behave as a single person with a distinct and stable personality. It’s a grave cognitive error that causes all kinds of unnecessary trouble in the world.

Given these points, I will wager money that he has precisely zero unique positions, and even fewer positions worth paying attention to. We need more thinkers and pragmatists, not ideologues and moralizers and us-versus-them-ers.

Peace and luck

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He voices opinions that run contrary to their own so they want to silence him. The idea that a differing opinion might be given seems to make liberals fearful that their own opinion might not be as solid as they like. I have seen the same attitude applied to myself and every other conservative jelly on these pages. It is applied to every conservative commentator or talk show host. It is applied to Fox news. It manifests somewhat differently in Hollywood where they (the left) take action in the form of hurting careers to help keep conservatives silent. I think a corollary to this question would be “why are liberals so afraid of differing opinions?”

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We Jews see him as a “shonda for di goyim”.

Look it up.

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If he says he is opposed to “the hypocrisy of the left” then I would take issue with that as it is better to oppose hypocrisy wherever you find it.

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By the way my OP also adds others not just liberals.

@elbanditoroso What is his position re. turning “advise” into “instruct”, or “tell to answer”. That reminded me of Ben Shapiro. I don’t know if his position is x or the opposite.
See the whole thread.

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@SaganRitual You prefer no one challenges you with differing opinion, right? I’m thinking of “Pelosi was drunk” video related thing for example.
@seawulf575 Does he say anything different from Limbaugh or Hannity….for example?
@flutherother No one can argue with that, I hope.

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Hi @flo, you’re still talking about me. I’m boring as hell. I’m not sure what you mean about challenging with a different opinion. I’m not aware that you have expressed any opinions to me. Your only challenges have taken the form of insinuations about me being a hypocrite, which, as I say, is b-o-o-o-r-ing.

Is there something you’d like to talk about? I love conversation. Rather than trying to expose my hypocrisy, or suggesting unpleasant things about me, how about you tell me what’s on your mind? You were unhappy that I said “satire” to the video of Speaker Pelosi. Is that a reasonable and fair statement? How about we talk about the video, and satire, and facts, and what you seek from me (maybe nothing? I don’t know). I love conversation. Let’s talk!

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@flo maybe so or maybe not. In the end, it all comes back to the same thing. They all offer differing opinions from the liberal narrative. And that is why liberals hate them so much and why they want to silence them so much.

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@seawulf575 Re. “maybe so or matbe not.” is if he says anything different from Limbaugh and Hannity for example. Ok. I just wanted to know why is he mentioned instead of the Limbaughs and the….

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@flo I think because he was involved with the leftist violence at Berkeley when Shapiro was invited to speak to conservative students. That put him in the spotlight and he became a beacon for liberal hatred. But the OP did mention Limbaugh and Hannity.

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@seawulf575 Ok. I brought up Limbaugh and Hannity to figure out the difference, because I never heard him speak etc.

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