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If you were attending an empowerment brunch, what would you like to receive in a gift bag?

Asked by ltoban (337points) June 13th, 2019

I’m hosting an empowerment brunch for ladies and wondering what products to place in gift bags. I need your help!

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The quality will depend on your budget, but I would like a nice pen.

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“The Secret”, novel. Teeth whitening gum or paste.

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A mini-Taser . Not only is it *power*ful, it makes women independent. link

Or maybe a self defense weapon like this

Nothing girly.

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Well, I’m traumatized now, thanks a lot. Being male, I felt unqualified to comment, so I asked my sister. She said, “vibrators”. That’s not a word I ever wanted to associate with my sister.

When I regained consciousness, she suggested yoga mats as an alternative.

Peace and luck

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Good for your sister, for shocking you. @SaganRitual

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Literature which will inspire and remind the participants of the things they can do in support of empowerment.

Good one @ltoban

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To expand on that, a book of poetry.

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Essential oils.

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$10 gift certificate.

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Phone case
power stick backup battery
coffee cup
packages of gourmet coffee
catalog of appropriate clothing

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I agree with $10 gift card (I like Target or Walmart, or something that you can spend the card the next day on food and get rid of it). Best Buy, Starbucks, or Amazon might seem more appropriate for the theme maybe, but I like practical.

Battery back-up is good too. I finally got one 6 months ago and I don’t know why I waited so long.

If you have time you can ask area businesses to donate some sort of discount coupon to a gratis/swag bag. Starbucks might have mini instant coffee samples.

Whistle, taser, mace.

Notepad and pen. This might not seem like a gift if there is going to be note taking anyway.

Mini umbrella, or one of those fold up bags that fit really small in your purse.

If you just want to go to the supermarket (easy) sleeve of cookies, microwave popcorn, nuts, dried apricots, chips, chip clip.

T-shirts, hand towel, beach towel, sunglasses, chapstick.

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I was recently at a hotel that was hosting such an event. They gave out coffee mugs and lens/phone cleaning cloths with their logo.

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pen and notebook
canvas bag
plastic reusable shopping bag
memory stick
I can’t think of the name – the thing that advances slides and has a pointer and looks like a remote
key ring

(living in FL, I LOVE the mini umbrella idea, @JLeslie)

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As a sex ed teacher, I’d add both male and female condoms and dental dams. Especially glow-in-the-dark or flavored.

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Voter registration forms

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First, determine your budget.

Are you ordering personalized items (more expensive) or non-personalized items?

Check wholesale sites and check stores like Costco. Costco online has a bigger selection of items than they do in the store. Also online they have personalized items, if you’re looking for that.

I work for an organization that gives out goodie bags at our events. Things like a nice water bottle or travel mug are popular. Pens that have rubber tips for texting are popular. For ladies, some Chapstick type of product is popular. Mini hand sanitizers are popular. We are in the northeast, and ice scrapers are popular. You may get a nice tote bag or gym bag which would also be useful to hold the stuff in, instead of a plastic gift bag. It all depends on your budget per each.

I recently got a goody bag from a bank for opening an account there. The goody bag had a bunch of plastic crap in it. The sad part about that is much of that stuff ends up in landfills.

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Voter registration forms. LMAO. Love it.

Flipping raining for a week straight now.

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The diversity in responses were great! Some things I didn’t think about at all! Thanks everyone!

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Let us know what you decide.

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I’m leaning more towards a brand pen with mug and mini instant coffee and/or tea packets. If I can incorporate hand sanitizer and/ or lip balm, I’ll consider adding those as well.

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@ltoban maybe I am being dense here, but how does a coffee mug or hand sanitizer convey the message of empowerment?

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I think it’s not necessarily to convey a message of empowerment, but thinking about what the attendees might appreciate, @elbanditoroso. Thinking about the guests and what their likes may be.

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Another thing which my employer puts in gift bags, which is of no cost to the organization, is little bags from a local dentist which contain tooth brush, mini tooth paste, dental floss and a little flyer advertising the dentist’s services. Everyone loves a free tooth brush and travel sized tooth paste! If you go to a local dentist or dental clinic, they will probably give you the tooth brushes and extras for free.

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Oooo! How about seed impregnated paper cut into the shape of your logo?
We gave those out at a prostate cancer support group meeting. They were blue paper cut into the ribbon shape. The seeds actually grew!!!

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@LuckyGuy I think I received a seed paper from Disney. I’m not sure if I’m right if it was Disney or another company. I love that idea. It probably wouldn’t work well if most of the participants live in a big city or apartments.

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@JLeslie Can’t you plant them in pots??

I think seed impregnated paper is a very cool idea. Honestly, give flower pots and seeds instead of a plastic goodie bag.

With voter registration forms, of course.

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@Cupcake I’m sure you can.

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@LuckyGuy This is the 1st I learned about this – looking more into it.

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@jca2 The mug and tea will be more for personal development and self-care

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The paper is impregnated with seed for plants that take full sun all the way down to shade only.
If you plant them in a bright area, those seeds will do well. Dark area the others do well. If I recall, I could specify if I wanted annuals or perennials or a mix. I planted some bits of paper outside here and some of the plants are doing really well after 2 years!

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