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Should Trump be described as “Putin’s useful idiot”?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21926points) June 24th, 2019 from iPhone

Or are liberals once again making things up?

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Except that I wonder how useful he really is, I would agree.

The issue for Putin is that Trump seems to be less dependable and more erratic than they had originally planned. Putin can’t really count on Trump to do 100% of what they had decided to do. And some of it has slung back and hurt Putin’s mega-billionaire friends.

Trump is probably still on the Putin payroll, but I think his value as a puppet may have gone down.

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Trump is on real good terms with autocrats in general, and not on such good terms with our allies.

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I think the Putin narrative is a way for corporate Democrats to deflect from their own failures in policy. I.e. “we didn’t loose because Americans rejected our pro-corporate neoliberal policy, we lost because Russians bought some ads on social media…”

Does Putin have blackmail dirt on Trump? I don’t really care. The Democratic establishment is the biggest obstacle to achieving progressive legislation.

As far as damaging nicknames go, I think “Corporate Socialist” would be more effective in making him look bad. Of course most Democrats can’t throw that around without being hypocrites.

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I’m amazed that the Dems are still pushing that line. By all accounts the interference was minimal and ineffective. The Mueller report showed no American conspired with Russia. Any and all attempts to do so were done on Obama’s watch not Trumps. If you look at what Trump has done:
Forcing Europe to pour more money into NATO
Selling arms to the Ukraine
Retaliating against Syrian aggression Despite Russian support
Selling gas and oil to Europe to break Russia’s stranglehold
Expelling a hundred diplomats in retaliation for killing a former Russian spy in Briton
The list goes on and on. The only thing the Dems are hanging onto is that Trump didn’t press Putin on his involvement in the meddling. Calling Putin a liar would not have accomplished anything so why do the Dems want Trump to get into a name calling match with Putin? This whole line put forth by the Dems is crap designed to muddy the water in hopes that they can defeat Trump. They need something because so far they have nothing with which to beat Trump at the polls.

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@Jaxk Trump is the destabilization factor that Putin is looking for. The head of a “free” country running his mouth and tweeting sensitive information.

Putin has his puppet ! Trump doesn’t have to side with Putin on Iran or other topics; just having Trump threaten unleashing missiles !

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@Jaxk , The retaliation in Syria was a one-time offensive to counter Syrian use of poisonous gases. The Russians have won in Syria. Assad is still in power, and Trump keeps talking about removing troops. Trump has suggested he may not support NATO members that are former parts of the Soviet Union. What more could Putin ask for?

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@LostInParadise ”...Syrian use of poisonous gases…”

There’s doubt about whether this was done by the regime. See the leaked OPCW report which concluded:

“higher probability that both cylinders were manually placed at those two locations rather than being delivered from aircraft.”

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Only liberals? How about the rest of America with a bit of common sense?

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The liberals will keep on pushing that long dead-horse conspiracy theory to any dummy who will listen, but the rest of America is exasperated.

There are younger people in the U.S. and Europe who believe Trump is actually a Nazi building concentration camps, the misinformation and conspiracy theories are so intense. After Trump was elected, I saw pictures of MS-13 gang members with tattoos, sitting in prison cells, compared to pictures of Holocaust victims with numbers tattooed. After that did’t work, I saw images from 2014 of children in detention centers—a practice Trump actually ended on his watch,

If the liberals are still pushing the Democrat-conspired Russian narrative at this point, I think people are tired of hearing it and have lost all respect for you.

You should instead be concerned if the Democrats as a party can recover after fabricating and pushing this narrative.

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@Yellowdog We know both Putin and Trump are your heroes !

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