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Did I waste my one wish?

Asked by Yellowdog (10895points) June 27th, 2019

I was driving my dad to his physical therapy, and there on a narrow two-lane stretch of road as a slow-moving vehicle hauling landscape equipment.

After trailing this vehicle for six or seven minutes. I declared out loud, I sure wish that vehicle would move over and let me pass. And, lo and behold, it pulled over to the shoulder and motioned for me to pass. Sometimes, wishes really do come true.

Then, I realized how trivial this wish was. Why didn’t I wish for 4.7 billion dollars instead?

We probably often wish for things that come to pass without thinking what else we could have had. What are some of the things YOU wished for and got that really weren’t all that great—and, what should YOU have wished for instead?

Do you think I wasted my wish?

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I have had such experiences happen so many times I could not even tell you if it was dozens or hundreds of times.
I rarely thought my wish was wasted. Even little things deserve gratitude.

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IF ONLY lol.

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I never wish for things.

I work for what I want and stay positive during the process.

If I don’t get what I wanted I don’t wallow in it. I move on.

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That sounds positively dreary.

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The truck driver you were following saw you in his rearview mirror and the straight, empty road ahead and acted accordingly, like a true professional.
All you needed to do is wave “thanks” as you went by him.

Rest assured, your wish counter remains unchanged from that encounter.

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Yes, you did.

Any future wishes you make will be completely ineffectual. If something that you wish for in the future ever comes to pass, it is only through coincidence and fate, never through your wishing.

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It was wishful thinking to think your wish was wasted.
Shit happens. Sometimes it’s good.

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It’s scientifically possible, but with n = 1, there’s no way to repeat and otherwise test the veracity of your hypothesis. The truth will forever remain a mystery.

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I wish I knew if you wasted a wish that way. Holy crap, I just wasted my wish.

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If you had wished for 4.7 billion dollars and got it you would then regret not wishing for 7.4 billion dollars.

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When I was just a wee slip of a girl…(okay, just roll with it) I would dream that some handsome, fabulously rich Russian oligarch would sweep me off my feet & take me to an enchanted place far, far away.
Alas, twas doomed from the start because my penis only gets hard when ladies look.
Like the song says…“when you wish upon a tsar, makes a difference what you are”
I learned a harsh lesson that night, one i’ve never forgotten.

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^^ This one’s balmy!

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I thought the song said, When you wish upon a star, it makes no different who you are.

I disagree. It always matters who you are, wishing or not. Otherwise, why would there be so many of us.

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@Patty_Melt That sounds positively dreary.
Was that directed towards me? What is dreary about taking pleasure in things you worked hard for?

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It’s rude to point & considered common courtesy to address one by one’s name.
That one’s got no manners.

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And yet it was I who gave you the single GA, not so much for the lack of sanity angle, but for the attempt at humor.
So now pointing at myself. <<<<<

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