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Do you have any theories that would explain why Trump uses such infantile words sometimes?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8472points) July 2nd, 2019

“Bigly.” “Yuge.” “Hamburder.”
My theory is that Daddy laughed when Toddler Trump innocently made those errors and Little Trump thought he FINALLY did some thing right. I actually feel sorry for the struggling, unhappy child he probably was then.

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Or, was amused by his kids. My daughter used to say pinker fingey, and I picked it up. For years I would say it unintentionally because it had become a common part of my life.

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And I intentionally use cute words my kids made up…but I wouldn’t use them if I was addressing the nation in my formal capacity of the President. Not without some sort.of explanation, anyway.

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To get a rise out of Democrats?!

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My niece used to insist that grape juice was ‘rape juice’ and wouldn’t be corrected. but I wouldn’t say that in public.

Listen to how Trump addresses the media at the two press conferences after the G20 Summit, or a rally. Those are unscripted and unedited. It may not be Received English but it is probably a more realistic assessment of his speech patterns. He is a better speaker than you give him credit for, but he repeats himself a lot, repeats very simple words and concepts as if they are difficult to comprehend, and there is definitely something wrong with his speech,

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I loved it when he described an on coming hurricane saying it was going to be huge and wet.
Or saying the problem California had with with Forest fires was them not raking the forest floor?

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Well, technically, there was no removal of deadfall.

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Possible to distract and confuse.

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I think he never learned to appreciate big words (with subtle meanings). He has no motivation to learn big words now because his base appreciates that he is not talking down to them.

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He’s a fucking idiot.

Not just my opinion. Also Chief of Staff John Kelly

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Trump is bragging that “brand new” Sherman tanks will be at “his” parade.
Good God. The man works SO HARD to hide his genius.

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“Do you have any theories that would explain why Trump uses such infantile words sometimes?”

Yes. The man is not very bright.

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Brand new, huh? That’s interesting, considering that Sherman’s haven’t been produced since World War II.

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I mentioned this before. Listen/watch his Howard Stern interview. Listen to Trump talking a couple decades ago. He was boastful, and ignorant still, but seemed much more intelligent.

I’ve said, since his candidacy, he has simplified his speech. Whether he knows his base well, or is losing some brain power, I can’t say. His Tweeting, and knee jerk declarations, suggest that he is of slightly above intelligence. He definitely thinks that he is very smart, and articulate…

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“Slightly above” whose intelligence @MrGrimm888? My dog’s? Because sure as hell he’s way below average. I’d say his IQ is maybe in the.mid to high 90s.
Today Putin asked him about liberal policies in the west and trump thought he was talkingabout Democrats in California! Jebus the man is dumb as a box of rocks.

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Does that mean his base is also a little slow?

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I meant to say slightly above average…

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Plus. Your confusing ignorance, and stupidity.

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Trump just doesn’t seem to know much more, than whatever his yesmen lay at his feet, in regards to international affairs. So. I’m not surprised that he can’t hold a current political conversation, with a former KGB member, and much smarter person (Putin.)

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I’ll think his followers are in denial, I think, more than slow, but no doubt some are slow. The thing is many of them are very religious and were raised from the cradle to deny senses, to deny all logic. How far a stretch is it for them to find justification for trump’s behavior?

I disagree he is anywhere near “above average” @MrGrimm888. Pretty sure if he was in our school district we’d have him in Special Ed placement. He can’t read. He can’t spell. I mean, those are basic skills that most kids.should master by 3rd grade, at least.
He doesnt have a grasp of history or geology, not to mention our political system.

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Gotta say, though, he has a talent for appealing to the unthinking masses.

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It’s not just sometimes it’s all the time and it isn’t just simplified words it is simplified sentence construction. If it was deliberate you’d expect him to express more complex or nuanced thoughts once in a while but he never does.
None of this would matter if you could say his heart was in the right place but he hasn’t got a heart.

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I never hear more than short sentences or partial sentences played in news soundbites. How can you really know from that?

the man speaking at the G20 summit press conference meetings, or the rallies, certainly doesn’t fit the description you are giving.

Why are the democrats in congress withholding money for facilities where migrant children can remain with their parents, then pretending to be appalled at the conditions and blaming it on the current administration—often showing images from 2014, and continuing the bantor about “children in cages” when that practice was ended by Trump a long time ago? Those withholding funding for aid are creating mass suffering for political purposes—that is worse than anything anyone is even alleging about Trump,

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^OMG. You are brainwashed. They are being held against their will. On July 2, the Department of Homeland Security released a report on the conditions at the boarder. They were actually THERE, inspecting the the conditions. Were you!?
Children are going without showers, functional toilets and living in their filthy clothes.
The pictures taken were from their visit this past week. They are in cages without their parents. You probably believe the Holocaust never happened, that the photos were fake.

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@Yellowdog Yes, @chyna is correct as far as I can tell.

Pictures here:

Also this from DHS:
In case you missed it, President Donald J. Trump signed a $4.6 billion supplemental funding package yesterday to fund DHS’s continuing efforts to address the humanitarian and border security crisis at our southern border.

And this via Twitter:
Today @DHSMcAleenan begins a two-day trip to El Salvador and Honduras to discuss the ongoing effort of confronting the root causes of irregular migration, enhancing security and targeting transnational criminal organizations.

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It’s not the prescripted speeches I’m referring to like at the G20 summit. Those are other, more well educated people’s words. When he goes off ad lib, on his own, he sounds like a babbling idiot.

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How could all the answers to all those questions be scripted? Think about it. That’s really a stretch,

@chyna @KNOWITALL It has been the Democrats who have blocked funding to DHS and Homeland Security . until very recently.

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@Yellowdog I know, I just don’t talk about a lot of things on this site anymore. I read the actual Homeland Security and Border Patrol articles, etc….

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@Yellowdg….if you say so

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Limited verbal words a sign of a mental illness..Autism?
Also saw a documentary on chemical side effects that Golf Courses overuse that cause different types of cancer.
Since he owns several Golf courses and plays on them…what do you think, Possible?

From link:

Main article: Language disorder
A language disorder is an impairment in the ability to understand and/or use words in context, both verbally and non verbally.

Some characteristics of language disorders include improper use of words and their meanings, inability to express ideas, inappropriate grammatical patterns, reduced vocabulary and inability to follow directions.

One or a combination of these characteristics may occur in children who are affected by language learning disabilities or developmental language delay.

Children may hear or see a word but not be able to understand its meaning.

They may have trouble getting others to understand what they are trying to communicate.

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@Inspired_2write – I think Alzheimer’s is more likely. He babbles and repeats, and remembers well things that happened a long time ago. He is up to “moderate” symptoms now:

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@RocketGuy That is what Dementia patients have..loss of short term memory while long term memory is mostly intact.

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And that is exactly what he is displaying.

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Well. Like I said. I don’t know why he speaks differently now, than years ago…

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Because years ago he didn’t have dementia and now he does.

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I’m not ruling that out…

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